Precautions against Covid-19

in #life10 months ago

InShot_20200409_161915573.jpgCorona virus outbreaks (Covid-19) spread so quickly in Indonesia. The latest data ...... shows that nearly 3000 people tested positive for corona by the medical authorities. In handling this epidemic, it seems that our government has confusion, that is according to my interpretation. I pay attention to a number of policies that appear to be inexperienced and cost a considerable amount of funds.

However, whatever disputes are happening, it may be more chaotic there and in our place. Everyone has a shared role and responsibility to break the chain of spread of this vicious virus.

We can do things easily, such as staying #stayathome if there are no urgent interests, doing #socialdistancing, and getting used to a healthy life and don't forget to wash your hands after doing activities and holding certain objects. Let's together prevent this virus, starting with you, Him, and us. Quarantine is quite boring, and look at the activities that we always do in this picture.