Hive Horoscope / October 12 - 18

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Week 10/12 - 10/18


Your is characterized by emotional discussions with your community.

Don't let yourself be confused by the high pace of Hive. It is not possible for you to always have the right answer at hand. Over time you will be more experienced and quick-wittedness.

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Even if you come across opposing views, the posts and comments are cordial and relaxed.

You feel carefree and do not take everything too seriously. Just turn up the heat and release your pent-up energies on Hive. Go to your community, follow posts, post yourself, do some comments and you will find new followers.

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Today you are bursting with energy and drive and there is no reason not to be happy on Hive.

Your followers react less actively to your ideas and slow down your drive, so that you can become frustrated a bit. Misunderstandings are inevitable, it does not need much effort to clear them up. you won’t have much trouble and work these days, so just enjoy your time on Hive.

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This week you feel motivated and exhilarated.

You meet your followers benevolently and enjoy it when compliments are posted to you. Your charming manner attracts a lot of interest and this can lead to quite some new followers. A beautiful week on Hive to simply enjoy it.

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An ideal week to set new posting goals and to realize them.

You will always find the right, positive words to convince your followers of your plans. They radiate a special charm, which will make your community feel friendly and friendly. It is a good time to recharge your inner batteries here on Hive.

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Enjoy your time on Hive


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Dolphin 10 + 5'000 +
Orca 100 + 50'000 +
Whale 1'000 + 500'000 +

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