Hive Horoscope / November 2 - 8

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Week 11/2 - 11/8


This week you post directly what you think and feel.

The days will pass without any major incidents. Happiness cannot be forced, even if you would be particularly dependent on it right now. Sometimes it just takes some time until you see the positive effects of your current posts. Be patient.

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You should not take the inconsistencies in your community too seriously.

It is up to you to steer your followers to a more positive level. Some discussions on Hive can get in your way and it is not quite clear to you what you actually want. Failures should not scratch your self-confidence and hinder you in your free thinking.

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You feel in your midst and are ready to enjoy Hive.

If you actively take part in what is published on Hive, you might even make new and valuable friends. As it calls into the forest, so it sounds out. This proverb has a special meaning the next days.

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Your mood pattern is calm and balanced.

Your emotional world reveals itself as level-headed and disagreements with your followers hardly ever occur. An absolutely average week on Hive without big highs and lows is approaching. Don't let your good mood be spoiled by things that don't really concern you. Always enjoy your day.

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A good time for interesting comments and an intensive exchange of opinions awaits you.

Contacts to your followers will be intensive and maybe your Hive-world view will be influenced in one essential point. Even if your feelings are sometimes agitated, you will quickly find clarifying words in your comments and your mood will change increasingly positive.

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Enjoy your time on Hive


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