Hive Horoscope / November 16 - 22

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Week 11/16 - 11/22


Fun is the order of the next days on Hive and your joy of life can be seen in your posts.

Enjoy the cheerful mood and let your spontaneous and crazy ideas run free in a posting sense. Chats with other people are helpful, because you can recognize the problems of others and have a calming effect through your balanced and level-headed manner.

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This week you are extremely cooperative and helpful.

You are open-minded towards new Hive projects that need to be realized. Your inner power and strength helps you to work constructively without having to give up your own needs. Maybe it is time to think about your reputation. So remember your qualities and take the positive mood out into Hive. With calmness you can best master your intentions.

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The general mood on Hive these days holds rather unusual sensations in store for you.

However, you do not have an unpleasant week ahead of you, but rather have to adjust to an unfamiliar situation. It is elementary important for you to experience all your feelings. You will find that the good will survive with certainty and you will also recognize your real followers.

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They feel balanced this week and do not let yourselves be upset quickly.

Although this is the wrong time to make far-reaching decisions for new posts, it is worth thinking about the current situation and making definitive decisions at a later date. Try to master this week with comfort and do not take everything so seriously.

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If you insist on your opinion the next days, you could be upset by the reactions of your community.

On the other hand, controlled posts and comments do help to convince and to prove your reputation. If you get the right person, this can even be an interesting week. So simply don’t overreact the next days and enjoy your time on Hive.

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Enjoy your time on Hive


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