My upcoming birthday 🎊

in life •  2 months ago 

Those old ones was once young
They we're once a child
They we're once a kid!

Baby to Child hood and child hood to teenage
Teenage age grows to youth and youth to young man or young woman

Step by step, gradually you have your own family 👪 if you are lucky love avoid you in at 17
Why do we even celebrate birthday? I once celebrate my birthday when I clocked 20 and early 20s but I don't know why. Now I don't think birthday is not worth celebrating because I am scared of getting old which makes me reckless

3rd of March add a year to my age every year, and I get worry whenever February comes in cos its March after February and February is a incomplete month but the fact is I never happy when my birthdays 🎂 comes in. Closing to death gradually

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Happy birthday to you in advance brother

Thanks much