Hive Survey: Do you have Problems wearing a Mask ?

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Survey : Do you have problems with wearing a Mask ?

I wear a mask If I have to go into a store or any building. I have allergies so I am sneezing and coughing and my eyes are watering all the time..... I wear a mask so that people don’t freak out when I sneeze and cough.

For the most part I am staying home or going on hikes, walks, kayaks, boat rides with just my wife and kids and no one else .... We don’t wear masks when we are outdoors, and Far away from people. ....

A sneeze can travel 200’ .... I have no problem wearing a mask indoors or if I am going to be in close (6’) proximity to other people.

We are getting almost everything delivered to our house with




Hello ? Anybody out there ? Where’d everyone go ????

Haha, buddy, I guess they are on break.

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I rarely wear masks. I only do that when I go into a place where it is mandatory to do so. I don't have a problem wearing mask though.

I’m good for about 20 minutes, then I need to get outside and take the thing off.

Haha, total freedom is the best. Unless you wanna wear it for fun.

I am going to start wearing the Kylo Ren mask at the grocery store.

I've only had to put on a mask 3 times to go into someone's house in the last 6 months. Other than that, I rarely wear one.

I have to put one on to go into Home Depot, but I take it off when I get just a few feet inside.

I see signs saying "it's the law". It ain't a law. It's a mandate and a lot of people just are not playing along any more.

I don't wear a mask in Poland. It is illegal. I am a free man without a pandemic of fear.

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