This Is Not a Good Enough Title

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good day to you Sir, Ma'am, It, These, Those, and Them Over There.

I'd like to take a moment to write a post now.  So far it's not going well for me though.  I was about five minutes into enjoying some peace and quiet.  The noises started again once I decided to take advantage of the perfect post writing environment.  Now I just feel like cutting my hands off and giving up.

NoNamesLeftToUse  This Won't Hurt.png

Those aren't even my hands.

If I remember correctly, I took that picture to go along with...

Those fucking noises are back.

They're not my thoughts.  Someone else is vocalizing theirs within earshot but it would be rude for me to silence them, since this is their house, not mine.

I'm not interested in their conversation.  To me it sounds like two beings with incredibly low IQ levels, fumbling around in the dark, trying to make sense of the world they filled with nonsense.  The television is loud so their voices must be louder in order to compensate for their inability to turn the volume down.  Often they'll repeat themselves just so the other can say, "Oh," or, "Yeah," but usually, "Huh?"  "What!"

I broke in three days ago.

Needed a place to warm up.  Stayed for the free internet.

There's a room within a room here, down in the basement.  Jars of pickles, everywhere.  That's where I hide when I hear the footsteps coming closer.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Had A Rough Night.jpeg

She was the first to see me, after all this time.  It took me almost three hours to stich those heads on.

Those are her hands.  The ones at the top are just a souvenir from the last place I stayed at; same with the heads.  I want that ring but it'll be easier to get off in a few days, once the fingers whither away.  This cold weather has been keeping things fresh.

Hate winter.  So hard to properly dispose of these specimens.  The ground is frozen and only an amateur buries a body in snow.

It's nice to have friends to play with though and by the looks of things, I'll be safe here for a few more weeks.  Nobody is even calling her.  This suite is separate from the one upstairs and all they do is talk shit about her so it's not like they'll be paying a visit any time soon.  Maybe at the end of the month to collect rent but I should be gone by then.

So much better than the food storage room thing.  I wonder if she would have invited me in...

I was more afraid than she was.  I don't know why I did that.

Those voices!

How in the hell did she manage to live in these conditions.  I probably did her a favor.

I probably did them a favor because for sure she would have killed them, eventually.

Three days here and I already hate their guts!  I want to smear their blood all over that goddamn television then choke them with the cord!

I made my family disappear!

NoNamesLeftToUse  I Think His Name Was Martin.jpeg

I made my family disappear!

NoNamesLeftToUse  Why Did You Have to Blow Your Brains Out Grandma.jpeg

I made my family disappear!

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"Now to just tag it 'fiction' and pretend I'm normal."

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I think that title is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

10/10 I would wear that blue dress, my favourite shade of blue. I like blue. I have the blues.

You're probably right about the title, or maybe you just haven't seen too many?

You like that little outfit? You can have it! I'll scrape it off in a few days; ship it to Finland. Should be there before Christmas.

Basically: I hope all this isn’t rolling in your head and that it’s just your literary expression. 😎

Doesn't roll in my head. Kinda bounces around and sounds like loose bolts.

It seemed to me, yes. But when it catches you you have to put it elsewhere quickly. 😎

Gotta catch them before they catch me.



You have a talant👌

always liked listening to music whilst reading. Sometimes it even brightens the morbid stuff up:)

Can't have a twisted murder scene without some kind of positive vibes playing in the background. Adds a nice touch of irony, somehow, I guess.

I'd much rather be writing these scenes then directing video content. That's a bit beyond my current production budget though.

I've enjoyed another one of your diary imputs… Your life is much more interesting than many other Hivians who bore us with their daily reports of a mundane existence.

Maybe next time I'll murder some charts then say, "This is not killing advice."

Yes... That might be a wise decision within the grand scope of all things, great and small…???

Might not be killing advice; but it could be a fancy way of finding out how to get shot.

I'm not interested in their conversation. To me it sounds like two beings with incredibly low IQ levels, fumbling around in the dark, trying to make sense of the world they filled with nonsense.

Was this quote inspired by reality TV shows or their audience?

A little nonsense is fine for distracting entertainment. It's time for the brain to go into low-effort, energy saving mode because of exhaustion, drugs and drinks.

I don't know why I said that. Doesn't matter now either. I have the remote.

Lucky you, I had to resort to this:

To turn on your TV without the remote, just walk over to the TV and hit the power button. If you are having problems finding the power button, then the follow steps given below...

Ugh. Aren't we glad I don't write those kind of posts...

Kevin, was not expecting that.

Don't know about you. That shit scared me alive. She said.

I once knew a goat named Kevin. We met online.

What rabbit hole are you taking me into this time.

The one that leads to your demise.


Kevin says hello from hell.

You've been watching me.

Not me, Kevin.

Wasn't Kevin eaten to death?

Hmm, I actually don't remember. Regardless of how it happened though, he's definitely in hell now.

La verdad como ciencia ficcion esta exelente, gracias por compartir.

Feliz Navidad!

I came to thank you for the HIVE in the music contest, but not really sure what the contest was?! Asked in the PAL Discord, but they advised me to visit here...could you tell me about this music contest?

While I wait... here's something:

@jaynie holds that 'Share a song' weekly contest thing. I won 26 HIVE three weeks ago for sharing a song, so decided to give 8 HIVE each to the next three winners rather than keeping it all. You were the third and last recipient of my winnings. I didn't really make a big deal about it, just said I'd do it, and did it. Now it's done. Enjoy. I think the bonus prize was bigger than the main prize this week LOL!

Outstanding!! That's the same things I do! Delegate to those who could use some help; I was raised on manners and respect... but I'm also 50 and love spreading positive energy! Thank you for your kindness... I wanted to check, out of respect, to make sure it wasn't an accident...

The ground is frozen and only an amateur buries a body in snow.

I might prefer the odd body or two. The worst is in the spring when the snow melts and it is apparent that people haven't been picking up after their dogs.

I've seen those lawns before. If you're an avid winter walker, keep a spoon in your coat pocket. If you have a neighbor like that, use the spoon to move the dog shit around, little by little, each night. Form a word like, "Asshole," with the shit. When spring rolls around, there will be a big shit stain that says Asshole on their lawn, even after they remove the shit.

I completely understand the philosophy behind this. The best lessons are the ones that take the time to let the shit sink in.

When the shit goes down, you better be ready...

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BANG! Nailed it.

There's a room within a room here, down in the basement. Jars of pickles, everywhere. That's where I hide when I hear the footsteps coming closer

So,how are your daemons doing? Mine kinda multiply by the day.

They're, uh, alive and kicking.

lol hadn't seen that clip before. Anxiolytic

At least we've got company...


I don't know whether to laugh or die.