Have I Lost Faith in Humanity?

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Do I even have a right to criticize?

Excuse me, sir.  You're about to get hit by a bus.

"Don't tell me where I can walk and how to walk!  Mind your own damn business!"

NoNamesLeftToUse - Why Did You Have to Blow Your Brains Out Grandma.jpeg


And at that moment, the crowd forms, to finally pay attention to the world around them.

The people stand around, chattering, arguing, taking guesses:

  • It was his fault!
  • No it was their fault!
  • No!  The city is to blame!  Look at all these potholes!
  • Look at his Facebook!  The driver voted for that fucking asshole we don't like!  He's a racist!  That's why this happened!

Now.  Do I dare tell all these people they're wrong, too?


I once told a man to shut up and go sit next to his fat wife.

How could I be so rude?

A friend and I had just finished our meal at a sports bar.  The plan was to go to another bar, have a few drinks, then buy some beer to take to a summer backyard/house party where we're to get smashed.

Casually sitting shotgun, enjoying the music as we travel along one of the busiest city center streets known to that location.  Approaching an intersection, the light is green...

NoNamesLeftToUse - What You Want To See.jpeg


I witnessed probably the most violent collision between two vehicles I will ever see with my own eyes, I hope.

A small car ran their red light at full speed.

A larger van-like, but not a car, nor a truck, and not even a van; whatever.  A big thing with four wheels, a family inside, with a green light, smoked that small car, T-bone style.  Maybe one second worth of time to react.  They did hit the brakes and squawk the tires but still, that wasn't enough.

The family van thing came to a complete stop while that small car first got turned around, went airborne, flew about twenty to thirty meters, then smashed into a power pole, facing the opposite direction of travel.

Like a church choir singing in unison, both my friend and I at the exact same time sang, "Holy shit!"

NoNamesLeftToUse - What Is This Place.jpeg

"Should I stop?"

"Hell yeah, man, pull over," I commanded.  And not just to go stare at the potential of blood and guts.

Maybe these people need help.  So I jogged up to the family van thing, they looked fine, but the driver was missing.  I hear yelling.  Turn around and this big dude has his head inside the small car, screaming at these people.  Kicking and punching the car.  Demanding they step out.  Reaching in, trying to unbuckle her seatbelt.  Yelling about how, "I just bought that thing today!"

As I approach this menace, I see inside the car.  The driver is young, female, tiny.  Two other teenage male occupants, not literally shitting themselves but coming close.

Why Me.jpeg

At the time, I had been paying attention to the people and this planet for a long enough time to know what the hell is going on here.  Asking this man politely to calm down is not going to cut it.  His family is crying and he's too busy bitching about his prized possession to even notice, so he's not going to notice me until I yelled...

Shut up and go sit next to your fat wife!

I sucked all that rage and frustration he was channeling towards those kids in the small car that did a boo-boo, directly into my eyes.  He wanted to kick my ass for saying that.  Wouldn't you?

Instantly, all he cares about is me.  I just kept pointing at his family and commanding him to, "Go!"

He went away.

We stuck around.

But not for long.  Everyone was fine.  Cops showed up in their fancy reflectors so there's no need for me to be standing out in traffic anymore.  As I'm leaving, the big angry dude looks at me and says, "If I ever see you again I'm going to kick your ass."

Didn't even realize, if it wasn't for me, he'd be cuffed, sitting in the back of a cop car, most likely dealing with charges involving assaulting a minor.

NoNamesLeftToUse - Unexpected Company.jpeg

The truth hurts, both ways.

Hurts when you hear it.  Hurts when you tell it.

And I should know.

There was a time in my life where I found myself caught completely off guard.

For a few years, those closest to me, after I'd do or say something stupid, would look me directly in the eye and tell me I have a drinking problem, and need help.

Every fucking time, I responded with anger, eventually pushing them out of my life.  Forever.

I'd do anything to have those people back.  But what do you say?  You were right?

They already know that.

Just like all of us know, when we look at this fucking world of ours, and see the problems.  We're not stupid.  We're not wrong.  We're not assholes for pointing it out and saying, "That's not going to work."

And in response all we get is this raging lunatic, drunken fool.

If it doesn't change, the world is going to lose all its friends.

So that's probably why Elon Musk wants to get our asses to Mars.

Have a nice day.

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
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"I figured it out!"

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Elon wants us to get to Mars to inspire people to focus on achieving things to improving civilization.

You just reflected on it and I think you made a valid point here. You felt enrage because caring for his family is the common sense thing to do for someone after a crash, but he did not use his common sense. Yet looking from that guy's perspective he probably spend most of his time working to earn that fancy car. Neglecting his family is likely common for him. Not all people are like that.

Have faith in others brings me a sense of calm and positive outlook. We tend to focus so much on daily tasks to achieve some materialistic life that really do not mean much in the end. What makes me really happy is to know that there are people who will care for others when situation turns out bad. This is how society should work. Help a brother in need only when needed. When the dust settles hopefully that man will have enough time to reflect and realize that car is never anywhere close to what he has for a family. Thanks and hope you too feel better about the situation or at least not let it get to you.

My response to this comment is mainly here just to let you know I'm listening. That's one of those things you listen to. Very cool.

Thanks and hope you too feel better about the situation or at least not let it get to you.

These things happened long enough ago that today I'm able to frame it all in a way that makes way more sense than it ever did. Feeling good.

wonder what would have happened if you added... 'ugly'

Then it would have been a lie.

Truth hurts. Always. It does not hurt as much when others tell it to you because you can deny it and pretend you don't care. The most painful moment comes when you realize the truth on your own, coming to the same conclusions without being forced. It is like embracing your own crown of thorns you've been putting on others for years. It hurts. It bleeds. It heals.
If there is one thing I managed to wrap my head around is that almost 99.99% of the cases it is a waste of energy to tell people they are wrong. You better let time build the mirror for those people who will eventually look at it one day. With the eyes wide open.

You know, now that you mentioned Mars. If we can't be friends with one of our own kind, I doubt we would ever come close to ever make friends with a martian in case one would ever have existed. Humanity has a history in killing, isolating or throwing prejudice towards everything it does not understand.

You held nothing back with dose of honesty here. Another comment where I'm more interested in listening, thinking. Now some words come to mind...

It can be a waste of energy. Often it is. But every time, it is a form of teaching. We're not going to let those we care about jump if we know the fall will break their legs. They jump anyway. Well then you go pick them up. I see this as a flaw in humanity now. Neither of us is immune. You mentioned that prejudice towards things we don't understand. Hearing what we don't want to hear is included in that. I know I can't change the world but at some point people will need to be able to accept what is meant to help. And I'm not talking about those who are pushy and want their demands met. Just those honest occasions. People need to work harder on seeing the difference, not treating it the same, or we just keep going in circles.

I think these ideas lead to something called authenticity. When you meet someone who is authentic to themselves, they can make a huge impact in your life. Not imposing you to do things, but rather challenging you to question your own thinking. I think that it's easier to be more open to the truth when you start asking questions. And in order to get to that point there is a sweet spot called doubt. If people have a slight doubt about what they do or how they do it, then the change can happen. The most horrendous things happened when people were so convinced of what they were doing. Crimes, genocide, mental wars, racism, sexism etc.

For the past while, when I'm trying to figure out why people are doing something I probably wouldn't do, I go straight to asking questions. Often, I'm not getting straight answers. The questions are converted into insults, and they give it back, the same as they would had I simply dropped my own opinion on matters down for them to pick up and disagree with. If someone can't answer a question, even if it does sting a bit, that kind of tells me they don't really understand what they're doing. People don't ask enough questions. They exchange opinions and argue points. Especially online. Go try it out sometime. Drop a question into a busy comment section that makes it sound like you don't understand or agree and watch how they'll instantly jump on you and make you regret it. LOL... People.. So much attitude. And of course I've been the same damn way at times. Reacting rather than thinking.

It is like a wild circus out there, in the ego arena. The best moment comes when you realize that sometimes some people don't deserve having a question asked to them. It saves a lot of energy. For a fun experiment it would be kinda hilarious. But now I value my time so much more that I believe that the focus of attention should be on people mature enough to get a stingy question and roll with it and maybe even grow as a person after that. There is that old saying to not cast your pearls in front of swine. I have had enough mud on my face after a swine party. I exclude myself from such situations now after I have learned a thing or two. Swines party the best together. Let them have their party. Oink oink.

Ha! You're right. Why get mud and shit on your new shoes?


The answer to everything is Mars.

Go on, try it.

Road trip!

To Mars!!! :0D

It's Saturday. I guess this means I'm driving?


Which actually means yes because I presume you mean driving to Mars.

I will bring the space food

How else you supposed to get there? Musk put a car in space for a reason you know.

Shoot, this man truly is the saviour of mankind. He knows things.

It's because he's an alien. SHHHH! Don't tell anyone.

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Good work by the way @keys-defender!


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Ah okay, thanks for the info and thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated!


Wow, great story-telling, compelling writing, and resonant point. Thank you for this, lots to digest here.

I'll add that truth is a funny thing. Consider, a truth said by a certain person, in a certain way, at a certain moment in time may fall flat. But that same truth, coming from an alternate source, with a refined delivery, at a different moment in time can spark true change.

For me, this is the most interesting part of truth, because I may have high-value truths at my fingertips, just itching to be given to people who clearly need it, but I'm aware that life hasn't yet given me the timing, delivery, or perhaps even the person needed to transmit it effectively.

It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize that the effectiveness (and painfulness) of truth, is directly tied to the 'readiness' of both the giver of it, and the receiver of it.

I don't believe this challenges anything you've written, because I get, and agree with, your overall point... but I do hope my comment adds some value or sparks a deeper exploration of truth somehow.

Thanks for a fantasic read and visuals, @nonameslefttouse!

It's funny you mention that. Under another post where I found myself in a discussion about something else I said:

Historically, leaving it up to the comedians, humorists, satirists, and so on to point out deficiencies in humanity was always the most productive approach to pointing out problems and helping people realize 'whatever' exists, and it's fucked up. It's all in the delivery. Bitching, moaning, hating, complaining, pointing fingers; breeds more of the same and goes nowhere. Once people can laugh at themselves, then you know they've come to terms with their own malfunctions and would be more susceptible to change.

Some like to be offensive and obnoxious with their version of 'truth' then can't seem to figure out why it goes nowhere. And it's typically due to the fact their intention isn't to be helpful.

Just a few months ago, before I moved away from NYC, I saw people like this almost every singe day. If you remember my comment from your previous post, it's just one of many. And you are right, world is running out of friends and I mean a real good friends you can relly on and trust.
At least good news from your story is that noone was hurt including you, it all could end up much worst.

I need to venture into that city before I die. Just to walk around.

I've been thinking a lot lately. Can't figure out why pushing people away comes so naturally to all of us at some point, when others are just trying to help.

We push them away because it's our lives and sometimes we need to learn the hard way rather than live thru someone else's mistakes. Our lives to live, our mistakes to make sometimes people need to but out even when they know they are right.

Totally fact.

The world is messed up for sure and that sounds like a horrific sight for all involved. I get that guy was pissed and they did something really wrong but wow, probably not a good time to yell at a bunch of kids. I think they may have learned their lesson with the accident.

Some humans are still decent but we certainly need more of them...like a lot more. It seems like the world has gone cold and selfish but then I look back and think to myself, it was actually always that way, maybe I just see it more because now I expect it and notice it.

Look at all those cop videos in the states killing or beating someone, everyone is there filming it on their cell phones to post on social media, do any of them ever step in? Even yell at the cop how wrong he is? Intervene in any way? No... instead they post their outrage hoping to go viral and the person keeps getting beat or dead because having a bad ass posts is more important than saving someone's life apparently.

I never did see that guy again. It's been quite a few years but I bet he'll remember me. I remember him.

And I'm thinking the decent humans are too quiet. Is it worth the effort to stand out, just to be shot down? I think enough people see and know there's consequences they don't want to deal with.

About the gawkers: Some do yell and scream, and its not always because they're trying to help. Sometimes it's because they've been watching this violence, only seeing one side of the story, and hating all cops even when what they're doing is what should be happening. Those cops are there to help, so we don't have to. And of course, these days I have to add in the disclaimer that yes, sometimes they fuck up, and other times they're fuck ups.

Super shitty when people are straight up beating one another, because drunk, and all people do is watch, or run in to add in a kick while someone is already down. Treating life like a movie. Cheering like it's a boxing match. And of course, recording it for later.

Some people you just can't forget...ever. Good or bad.

Well that's the thing too, some sketchy shit out there trying to be the good Samaritan, most people are only willing to get burned so many times at the same time the more everyone keeps quiet and turns a blind eye, it's letting it get worse.

I agree some cases they only see one side, I don't feel bad for those that are know criminals and have arrest warrants. But yes, some cops are just shitty. The Lethbrige pd is really fucked. Last year, they beat down an teenage girl in a star trooper costume with a plastic gun and a sign promoting the donair shop with a starwars theme name on may 4th. That was last year, she's not a criminal, sometimes innocent people get the raw deal for nothing. I'm on the fence with the cops, they have their fare share of problems. Another case was an off-duty cop, drove drunk and killed a guy on a bike in Edmonton, he got suspended with pay. So that's a punishment, paid vacation. I get sometimes they just made the wrong call or the public over-reacts to cops actually doing their jobs but there still many shady things and there is more bad cops than people realize.

"and all people do is watch, or run in to add in a kick " - I know, it's awful, the cheering I don't agree with but like you mentioned, consequences. Like that run in with the gangs I was telling you about after we put the bleeding kid into a cab, I didn't know or care just he was clearly not safe there and it was suppose to be my cab so I packed him in, I didn't see who beat him up or wtf, I just sent him in on his way and little did I know in front of the people that beat him up. That was a messed up night for me and actually what got me to quit drinking, even if I was able to smooth things out over a quick talk over a smoke like a cool cat, I was still pretty close to shitting myself. There are consequences when you try to do good deeds and that's a rough lesson to learn.

The world is fixated on the nasty stuff when it comes to cops. You can find videos of them doing great things as well, but they don't go viral for some strange reason.

Sometimes people record encounters with cops and because they're holding that phone and want to be a star, these people turn into the biggest asshole agitators, antagonizing the cop, trying to get that reaction. They're just people. How much shit are you going to put up with? Someone comes to your place of work and starts treating you like shit. I'll be a jerk in return. Not the smile and nod kinda guy.

Remember in Alberta awhile back, those cops that got sniped on that farm? Take that uniform off and it probably wouldn't happen like that.

I have friends who drive ambulance. They see all the nasty shit this world has to offer. They say good things about the cops. Cops are the first ones there taking care of things, every time. Once they get home, that's when they break down. Like I said how the truth hurts both ways. Hand someone a speeding ticket. They don't do that to feel good. They have to hand someone a piece of paper with the truth on it, and be treated like scum. That'll fuck with anyone's mind.

I would have let him get arrested for being a asshole. Then I would have fucked his fat wife out of spite.. and sent him pictures.

You know what, I really admire your honesty.

Thank you for sharing your, Truth, with us today.

Curious.., did any of this collision happen in slow-motion to your eyes? It happened to me once... the slow-mo effect.., a very strange sensation.

I once almost collided with a moose head-on, the memory is slow-mo but in real-time it felt like it was just a few frames, me noticing it standing there with that dumb face looking at my lights, me deciding to turn slightly left but not too much as I was driving 130km/h and hearing the collision of my right side mirror hit the moose.

That intense concentration due to slowdown and veering left may have saved your car + Mr Moose! My encounter was in the 70's yet I still remember it vividly, and have never had another since.

Yeah most likely my life as well, as a friend put it, their legs break instantly and you'll find yourself with the body right through the windshield in your face if you don't swerve. Funny thing is I stopped the car after it happened, made a u-turn to drive after the mirror and as I'm making another u-turn to go after some friends at the airport I was heading to (which is why I was driving so fast as it was 3 am and no other cars in sight), I saw it look at me from the hill it had run off to after I hit it.

I'm thinking Final Destination 2 now and the log scene through the car window. If you have seen it you will know what I mean, death may be chasing you.. for recompense!

In my memory, yeah, I can see the car hovering. In life it was overstimulating. Too much to take in all at once, yet there it is, but still managed to process it all. The adrenalin was pumping. That's what usually causes the slow motion effect, I think.

I have read about it since.. it is adrenalin., as a boy of 10 I didn't know what the fuck was happening to me. I can still remember the details of a car crashing, the driver's head smashing through the windscreen (no seat belts then), and seeing the blood... red and plentiful.

That's our inner wild man. That's what helped us learn to not go poke the bear. Someone had to get mangled first, then the mind and body chisels that image into your head. If you need to tell that story so it doesn't happen to someone else, you need those details. Some of the first artwork on those cave walls depicts those scenes as well.

Believe me, sometimes when I'm hurt by painful words which I know were directed to me, I think I'm not capable enough to trust anyone around me. Even now, I don't think I do. Violence is painful, but there are words that are more painful and that is a different story.

Although I feel that way sometimes, I know not everyone is like that. I sill believe in humanity. If the people can't show an example of that, I will be the one. Until the day that I can show that, I'll endure everything till that day comes.

I think that is why I became a writer also. Maybe you can relate to some on my blog @adailydose.
Keep insipiring others. ^^

No real defense against those words except for dealing with them. At some point, we all struggle with sounds that are more like noise. But I think people need to acknowledge that struggle as their own weakness. Of course, some people are just saying things to be a jerk, and I'm not talking about that situation.

Those words hurts more when they come from people close to your heart.

It's sad that the only thing he could shout about the accident was his new car instead of them literally putting his whole family at risk. You know that even if you point that out they'd just blame it on the adrenaline rush or shock of the moment but deep down you know that still isn't right and pretty cringe.

The world is becoming a fucked up place, if such an accident were to happen today most people would pull out their phones approaching the car before being disappointed there isn't guts and blood everywhere for their 5min fame being the first to tweet the footage before they decide if there's something they could do to help the people in the car.

Every wipeout I've ever had on dirtbike, I pop up right away and I'm more concerned about the damage on the bike. I could be bleeding with rocks lodged into my skin, and I don't even feel it. That's adrenalin. That dude basically ran into a pillow, even though I assume airbags might sting at least a little bit. Not a mark on him. I'd guess his family was more upset with his behavior than the accident, though they did take a walloping.

There were a couple at that scene recording. Just standing there doing nothing. That's so fucking annoying. People are more excited about what they saw and not what they did. Like they found and easter egg in GTA or something...

Belongings are worth more to people than lives. We see that everyday, people going nuts and crazy over toys and things, from cabbage patch dolls, to nike sneakers, to new cars, people even going to jail for 20 years for taking a slice of pizza because they were hungry broke and had no where to live.

Humanitarianism has been corrupted by the corrupted and like the swastika symbol will never be restored to what it really was all about.

The top image and the yellow light image i find to be totally fascinating. That first image looks so much like a well photographed oil painting it just boggles me that it is done with digital tools. The Yellow light one, just the entire composition say caution.

Yeah, trampling over one another just to save money during black Friday pricing events; actually happens every day.

The people did it to themselves.

The Yellow light one, just the entire composition say caution.

You nailed it.

That ending 🤣

Also, it's maybe the third time I ask, but will you tokenize some of your art? Would definitely buy some pieces, they are great!

I'm still thinking about it. If I do they'll be something new. I have this massive collection of work I like to use to help tell the stories when I write. It would feel weird selling them. Ugh... I'm going to run out of excuses soon. LOL!

Just do it already, I started buying some yesterday:

LOL! You do realize my prices are going to be through the roof, correct?

Yeah but you gonna send me some for free I can sell, correct? 😇

Fuck no. LOL!

I’m sorry you had to see that and get smacked in the awareness yet again by the creeping, metastasizing phenomenon that is disconnected, self-centered humanity. I’m glad you were there like a baseball accidentally thrown through a window that disrupts a situation though.

Every day I have to tell myself that people aren’t truly bad they just behave badly. My faith was reaffirmed as soon as I read that you jumped out of the car, so bring on the double edged sword and a Mars condo!

I never thought of myself as one of those annoying baseballs that comes out of nowhere. I don't think it's a big deal though. Just a dude that got in between some chaos to help stop it. That could have backfired on me pretty damn hard too...

It's my belief most people are good. Not perfect. But good enough. There's a reason why the bad ones stand out so much. Rare.

Oh yes, the van man could have pounded on you rather than the red car (tried) but I’ve found most folks are like this Rottweiler down the road from me, all bluster and no bite. Of course there are those uncommon instances...

It’s kinda sad that exhibitions of bravery seem to be just as rare as the truly horrid people. Humble (not annoying lol) baseballs of chaos interruption are super cool to conversate with though, so I’m glad you shared the tale, hope you are having a magnificent weekend.😊

There are a few things I would say on why you deserve more than a like for this post...I'll contact the Gamifaction project team soon to help them introduce some badges maybe at some point...yours is The Badge of Honor! It's an honorable thing that you have done. Bravo!

That image with the kids: "not literally shitting themselves but coming close" ...I don't know how but it was right there, in front of my eyes while reading....

Yeah. Sometimes you don't even need a brush to paint a picture.

LOL @ the badges. That's cool. But I usually keep my trophies in a box. Still, it's appreciated. It's the thought that counts.

I'll make sure to contact the Gamification guys. I'm a Gamification designer and I'll suggest that badge :)
I believe a blockchain Box is already there for badges. Or we can expand in time and send real trophies to our superheroes! But that goes beyond keeping our superheroes anonymous.

....thoughts at night


There's no need to fuss. Take the day off, enjoy some sunshine; or some moonshine.

I'm half a solar being, as a lioness, and half a panther....I don't like those evening hours that we may call the hour between dog and wolf. It's either sunny and joyful or a quiet moon for peace and relaxation....again late-night thoughts.


I just a guy. Rawr.

I woman:

I totally hear you!
The world has gone completely stupid.
A Science proof is just another word for "opinion" nowadays, and people don't trust anything. they wouldn't take a vaccine for a world wide pandemic because "the pandemic is made up" and "the vaccine is working only 95% of the time" as if they don't use a protection that is 95% safe when they have sex every night.
More and more people believe the earth is flat, and they won't let you confuse them with facts.
Be strong, its not you, it's them!

As for your story, I have also witnessed a bad car accident a few years ago, went to help, and got yelled at buy a drunk dude for breaking his car door to help him out.
Also 40 years ago my dad was rescuing the neighbors from their house as it went on fire and they went ahead and pressed charges against him for breaking and entry....

Well, it should be obvious, when you're getting information from a crowd of onlookers, that information is probably distorted somehow.

And those types you mentioned griping about getting help probably saw dollar signs in the damage.

If it doesn't change, the world is going to lose all its friends.

Nicely said.

We're not assholes for pointing it out and saying, "That's not going to work."

As it turns out, we are.

Who are we to question their belief system? Who are we to attack their ideas?

It feels like everyone has the same response when you disagree on something important to them. Only a few are willing to openly discuss different ideas, in one shape or another.

So, there's actually no point in wasting time debating apes. :D

You should have slapped that fool.

You know what? Being wrong is still a possibility. But that's when it's time to calm down, and teach. And I do find it to be very peculiar how even questions get shot down and converted into insults sometimes. Any time that happens, I feel it's only natural to think they're hiding something.

A blunt force object (You) is sometimes the best tool in the box.

I remember holding onto a suicidal guy as he was screaming at me to let him go so that he could finish the job but first, he was going to kill me. But, that's another story. Glad to hear of your de-escalation abilities.

The way I see it, there's always one asshole; because I'm always there and can see myself.
A bit of a joke...

For someone that just draws and then just writes, your pictures always fit the post perfectly. Or perhaps I just think that because I see them together.

Criticising is fine. You already know people react like drunken lunatics to being told things they don't want to hear because challenges to ego is agonising and must be avoided/destroyed at any and all cost blah blah blah. Going to Mars won't help one iota because we're just going to drag all the existing problems with us.

And that comment was definitely one way to get that guy's attention in a hurry O_O

I made so many over the years. Something for every occasion I guess. And the style can take on so many new meanings. I even impress myself some days...

And yeah for sure. I knew that line would work on him. I have other lines that work well. Like, if you're on a bus and someone opens the window, but you don't want it open, just quietly tell them the breeze is carrying their body odor.

That sounds like a book idea. NoNames' amazing one liners for every situation XD

To get to the front of the line, just tell everyone you're about to shit your pants. If that doesn't work. Shit your pants. They'll move.

But then what do you do about the shit in your pants D:

Just act like it's normal.

I hear you, man @nonamesleftouse.
It's painful and shameful how we can't point out the wrongs and have some really important conversations without getting a fuss.

Most of us are ever so the raging lunatic drunken fools and when we're not the man we're dealing with is.

Nasty motherfuckers...

Hahahaha 🤣🤣
The fucking scourge of the earth!

Worst part is, it's all of us, at some point. Nobody is immune; but it's like an infection nobody wants to pay attention to.

Exactly! And when it is not our day to be the bad guy we're screaming out at the bad guy forgetting that yesterday, on some other issue, we were the bad guy and tomorrow we'd find ourselves the bad guy on some other corner.

Maybe, with so much 'bad' happening in the world, people are flocking to it, yelling and screaming at it, because it's an opportunity to put their 'good' mask on. But if it's only a mask... then maybe the bad exists to expose the truth, which makes it, good? WTF is going on man!

Yeah, damn, great way to put it!
At the end of the day, though, we just have to keep trying.

That devil coming through the door reminds me of a really scary dream that I had. Thanks for that! haha

I think everyone has that dream. When you finally get the late delivery but the food is cold, and they still expect to get paid.

Speaking of late delivery, today we got a Costco delivery left on the porch and no one rang the door bell. I went to check my mail, and there was fish cooking in the sun for hours. I had to throw away hundreds of dollars of groceries.

So in my case the food was hot, rather than cold. RANT RANT!

Just put it in an envelope and send it back addressed to management. Of course sending fishy packages in the mail is typically frowned upon but just say you didn't know.

excellent idea! cheers

And you're hungry like wtfuuuuuuuu.

I know! And the dream feels so real!

We just must extra tax the rich, ban everyone who is over 60 to be in politics and make sure everything that is harmful to nature to be replaced with better substitutes.

Ban old people? But I wanted to be president when I retire.

Just hear yourself - "when I retired" period ;)

Damn you. I think you even broke my record with comments on this one. That's not specifically why I'm damning you though. I'm low on vote creds and you just forced another 100% outta me! Damn you (on more), if you weren't so in n out I woulda caught this 4 days ago.

Well there's almost 250 on my previous post without any tricks or gimmicks so.. yeah. I guess this is a lot, too.

Show off

Absolutely love your art. Also the first time I started reading someones blog without stopping for a second. Good one!!!

Thanks for taking a look. And yes, it's a challenge creating that flow from top to bottom. There might be one little hiccup I don't like but what's done is done.

OMG!! It's awesome can read this article! Greetings from Venezuela! Is all the pleasure can read them! Thanks for share! Bye!


Sir, your post has been great, really great

Hey, don't worry about humanity, it will continue to exist, with or without you.

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I didn't earn 200.

You are right, you will earn the equivalent of $214.448 in HP/Hbd ... maybe more maybe less ... depends on exchange ...

Half goes to authors. Not the full value.

I'm confused if you're congratulating me or mocking me... ?