A Post About Nothing Published in the Worst Possible Timeslot

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Well hello there curious bystander and welcome to my wonderful article about things I've yet to plan!

I truly have no idea where I'm going with this but pretending to sound excited by adding exclamation points should be enough to make you believe this is all well worth your time!

NoNamesLeftToUse  Pushy Button.png

And now you're here because you pushed a pushy button.

So let's begin.

Good day.  My name is @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself.

That's not my real name, of course.  I like the pseudonym though, especially the full length version.

Sure, it makes me look and sound like a pompous prick but that's the part that makes me laugh the hardest.  Where I come from people can still laugh at themselves after doing ridiculous things, then leave the situation with a boost in confidence rather than a bruised ego, so I don't mind.

I can't remember when it started.  Many of you reading this now weren't even around back then, when it all began, so you wouldn't know either.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Amirite.png

All I remember is feeling small during my first couple weeks after joining Hive under its previous identity, way back in September of 2016.

I've noticed, over the years, plenty of people joining in on the fun here, but having difficulties breaking out onto the scene.  Always feeling small; then giving up.

I decided early on — rather than making a name for myself — building a brand would be ideal.  The first step towards accomplishing that goal is to... make a name for yourself.

All successful brands need to be larger than life so I created a character who's larger than life, added in The Writer/Artist Himself part, then began acting larger than life, as if I knew exactly what I was doing, the whole time.

NoNamesLeftToUse  I Have Nothing To Say Today.png

It's called: Making a Splash

Almost overnight, everything changed.

I caught on quick.  People at the time were claiming the platform was a 'social media platform' but I felt it was more like Youtube's distribution model and an online magazine combined, so being an entertainer working behind a pseudonym was perfectly acceptable.  How do you not notice a cartoon character mixed in with a herd of humans pretending to be people?

Yes, pretending.

Some early advice I read in one of those bland 'how to be successful here' posts went something like, "You need to be genuine so people will like you more."

That was coming from someone labelling the platform as 'social media' and in case you haven't noticed, a lot of people on social media are, fake.

Maybe fake isn't the right description but everyone knows behind that charm, smile, perfect hair, clean house, children behaving, socially acceptable opinion; there's a bad day somewhere.

NoNamesLeftToUse  All Gonna Die.png

And don't even get me started on those influencer types.  Everyone knows they fake it until they make it but getting somewhere involves creating a character then presenting that character as the real deal.

Where do you even go once you make it as an influencer?  Many of those who do find ways to get paid in social media environments aren't actually getting paid for their personality, content, or what they bring to the world.  They just grind to centralize eyes into a profitable pool so the advertisers don't have to work, then get used as pawns in marketing and advertising to sell products that have nothing to do with anything.  A glorified door to door vacuum salesperson.  Of course you'll sell more units if you don't show up looking like a scrub.  It's like if the Sham-wow guy had to show cleavage and rental cars for two years before being qualified to sell absorbent cloth.

But I digress...

Social media and content creation/publication platforms are two very different things, but they work well together.  Content creators and content consumers are two very different things, and you can't have one without the other.

Youtube found success rapidly once millions of people started sharing Youtube videos on Facebook.  The good enough content consumers enjoyed became free advertising for the Youtube platform.  That was back then.

The world caught on.  These days things like the mainstream media news outlets and even every alternative news outlet depend on consumers who do all the heavy lifting by sharing stories to their followings on social media.  You don't find the news story on Facebook or Twitter, you find a link that leads to it along with some outrage or approval ratings.  Then those platforms/websites/whatever enjoy benefits like getting paid.

Content consumers sharing media in that fashion are like the oldschool paperboy, except that kid got paid.

This platform needs to attract those link sharing consumers and keep them here.  Consumer rewards help with that, along with a steady stream of good enough content that connects to people somehow on the outside.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Do Something.png

Early on I knew...

People don't follow stories, they follow brands like CNN or Fox; people don't follow writing, they follow writers; people don't follow art, they follow artists; people don't follow games, they follow gamers.  So on and so forth.

From day one and ever since I've stumbled into disgruntled content creators on this platform saying things like, "I wrote 2000 words and only earned ten cents, meanwhile so-and-so did this, that, and the other thing; they get forty bucks?  This place is broken!"

Some of those folks show signs of intelligence but fail the personality test.  And no, this place is not broken.  If the goal is to only attract one consumer with a sizeable vote, I'd say your approach is broken.

Plenty of people can write a science paper or explain physics but until you slap a bowtie onto a twig and call yourself Bill Nye the Science Guy, chances are not many will gravitate towards that work.

Explain some shit about the universe in a video and you might get 100 views.  Neil deGrasse Tyson can cover the same topics and get millions of views.  It's all in the delivery.

Millions of people tune in worldwide nowadays to watch rocket tests and flights and it's not because rockets are awesome.  Elon Musk is awesome.  He didn't just send a car to orbit the sun in order to test a rocket.  That was all a publicity stunt.  Most people can name only one privately owned spaceflight company yet there are several and they're all pretty damn good at what they do.  As soon as you add that spark of personality and become larger than life, people notice and even the money starts rolling in.

Add personality to any product.  It goes from a hamburger, to a Ronald McDonald, to 99 billion served.  Frosted Flakes without Tony the Tiger is just Corn Flakes with sugar, and they're far from grrrrreat.

Anyone can record themselves playing a game but they won't be getting massive followings or millions of views and dollars; until they pull a Dr DisRespect.

Those blonde women who acted ditzy in entertainment over the years were actually incredibly smart.  This is how geniuses operate.  Paris Hilton's net worth is around 300 million and you don't make that kind of money being stupid, you just act stupid.

I could keep going and going and going like Energizer but I'll stop so I can point out the most important part.

I felt small, you felt small, all those people who quit felt small.  No matter how big something or someone is today, what they all have in common is the fact they started out small.

NoNamesLeftToUse  Its A Girl.png

So in case you're wondering...

I knew all that and did all that just to see if it works, and it did.  Some trade secrets aren't really secrets at all.

That doesn't mean I think I'm anything great though.  I hate my life probably more than you hate my life.  Still feeling small but that's only because I want to grow.

One can only get so far here and like the early Youtubers, there comes a point when personal growth depends on the growth of the platform.  That's common in this industry, everywhere you look.

Hiphop didn't stay on the streets.  News didn't stop at local papers.  It all grows as its platform grows.

There's still quite a few of us here who want to see a splash and not a splat.

"Ripples grow into waves so get out there and make a goddamn splash!"

That's what I'd say if I was one of those dorky-ass influencers, or maybe a basketball coach and there's two minutes left in the game.


Now I have to add pictures to this goddamn post.

If you spent the last few minutes reading words and staring at random images that don't make any sense, just know they did make sense and you weren't really paying attention.

It's Sunday.  This the worst possible timeslot.  I could probably get away with saying:

"I helped your mom."

But I've already said too much.

Have a nice day!

All art and images seen here were produced digitally, by me.
NoNamesLeftToUse Outro.png

"I dunno. Some of that probably made sense to someone, and that's all that matters."

© 2020 @NoNamesLeftToUse.  All rights reserved.


That's not my real name, of course. I like the pseudonym though, especially the full length version.

Love it... so is Wes Philbin...

I'd say majority work behind pseudonyms here. Pretty normal thing to do.

True my friend... plus Wes Philbin sounds cool. Better than Wes Grabass, or Wes Nile Fever...


not only I read the whole article, but also read the comments....
I have to say I almost cried... well I go through situations like this... but that's not the point here
the point is... damn you're so right... neither you made anyone read what you wrote nor you made them comment.... the people, also me, who have commented, have read your post and not just "what the effing hell is all this about"
So thank you for pinpointing the crucial matters.. and damn that last sketch made me scared

You wouldn't know from looking at this post on the outside that on the inside there's actually something worthwhile. I've used that trick as way to attract the inquisitive, truly genuine and down to earth types of people; and I've done it for a very long time. Then I get to enjoy good company!

Oh and don't be afraid of that little monster. She's just a baby. Even when they grow up, they're not so bad...

NoNamesLeftToUse  Fakour.png

NoNamesLeftToUse  Taniqua.png

Aw, the little girl is playing outside... where are her hands though?

That's actually a dude. His name is Fakour, and here's his story:

WHOA, deep and meaningful post.

Wish I knew the secret that's not a secret. No offbeat topic rolling into a rabbit hole. Just straight up lesson. If I only comprehend them.

But you did the job, you made me consume it without hesitation, like an addict getting their fix.

I am that consumer. I must say I have linked your posts to people through email. No in the hopes of increasing user numbers but to get them to consume that sweet nectar of truth and half truths you spout.

It's cool that you'll share links. We need those big juicy 'share to social media' buttons here. Big ones people can't miss. Works best when random consumers share it to random followings. Things spread that way. So thanks again.

Personality does matter. But that can be faked too when people struggle to become what they think that society /social media will appreciate. In the end, we are all simple piles of emotions trying to get around this Earth like we ought to be validated by other strangers who do the same. At a bigger scale, this battle for validation is useless. More people would know true happiness if they wouldn't care about the outside. Inner work is the most important. This is why even apparently successful people can be miserable and sad. Money and likes don't mean nothing in the spiritual world.

Social media success depends on validation. Content creation is different. People here produce some really boring stuff at times, then act like the platform is broken if they don't get paid. I bet in life they're far more exciting but are they even producing content for people, or votes? I can't even tell sometimes. It's not all bad. Some folks seem bored. Consumers are bored. A little bit of excitement goes a long way. Even on a bad day. It's all in the delivery.

I agree on the excitement part. It really goes a long way

You nailed all the points and I couldn't disagree with anything mentioned here. These things are the stuff every new comer sees and asks. I like to think skill should determine the value of the post but then the social aspect of the blockchain weighs more than skill. You may produce the best works but if you don't know how to market a personality that sells your post is just like advertising in the dark.

I used to give some hours trying to figure out how to improve my content. That helped me get some new names upvoting but not really meaningful interaction. It just feels fake that most supporters an author can get from this place are programmed auto upvotes. I don't mind it though, I follow trails and only a fraction of my attention is spent viewing my newsfeed and commenting on people's post. Everyone is busy minding their own business.

It's hard to explain to the noobs, especially if they want to earn and really grow as a provider of things some people like, but take a standard social media-like approach. Your friends and family already know you and are supportive, by default. Creating content for a new audience is completely different. Writing a speech is one thing but gaining applause at the end is a whole new world.

Even in wrestling. The best wrestler is nothing without a personality. Oftentimes people cheer the loudest for a personality that steps out from behind the curtain, yet that's one of the shittiest technical wrestlers on the card. Look how popular Conor McGregor became. That wasn't only because the dude could fight. That personality made him millions. Yet when he's chillin at home, he's nothing like that. But you still need some skills. Can't get lazy.

I get a lot of autovotes as well but I have met a lot of these people. Some roll in that seem new. It would be nice if they stopped in to talk as well. But I've spent years as a consumer on Youtube, rarely left a comment. The quiet part comes with the territory as well. Not everyone yells at the TV.

Your friends and family already know you and are supportive, by default. Creating content for a new audience is completely different. Writing a speech is one thing but gaining applause at the end is a whole new world.

I don't let my friends and family know I blog. Either they become supportive or ignore what I do, both have their own pros and cons but I'm happy not dealing with any. I noticed having a list of friends to populate your initial fan page helps you gain some footing on the algorithm over social media. I still think content and personality conveyed through content matters more over the long run.

If an artists loves to draw porn, they have a lot of competition but if the same artist get into a controversial stance over something that undoubtedly can increase their site views and convert to long term subscribers.

It would be nice if they stopped in to talk as well. But I've spent years as a consumer on Youtube, rarely left a comment. The quiet part comes with the territory as well. Not everyone yells at the TV.

I used to mind the auto upvotes. How can my post get some much upvotes and still nobody bothers to drop a comment (exclude the bots). My content just survives the visibility threshold because I got auto upvotes. Well most of the auto upvotes are from people I frequently interact with on Discord so that counts for off the blockchain engagement.

I always use youtube but never bother to click like, subscribe, and the most engagement a creator can get from me is me sharing their video somewhere else. I can't expect people that like my content or follow me to go the extra mile when I'm too preoccupied and lazy to do the same for strangers in general. I just make in a practice to browse my newsfeed, see people I follow, if I dig their content for that day, I get to put some effort into dropping a comment and say something nice.

One of the things that I underestimate about saying simple words of praise is that it can uplift some people's spirits over a small gesture. Sorry if I ramble. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply :D

That Discord thing interferes a lot with what could be potential engagement on chain. The entire time I've been here, I've avoided Discord. There was a chat with Steemit I used, but rarely. If people really need to chat, I'm right here, not hard to find. I don't really care if someone leaves 'off topic' remarks under my posts. People can just chill and do whatever.

As for friends and family, sometimes I'll pull up some old stories I wrote, read them aloud at gatherings. I share with a select few on Facebook, and ask that they pass it along if possible.

I miss Stumbleupon. Used to get a lot of outside views using that service. I'd have hundreds of views, steadily increasing, and eleven cents. LOL

Rambling is cool. I do it, too.

Discord is appealing because it has a lot of side utilities available and people want that immediate gratification of seeing responses (user typing...) notice. I agree with it interfering interactions. Most empty posts here have the authors and supporters interacting mostly on discord and it leaves an illusion of lacking engagement.

It's the first I heard about Stumbleupon and based from the description, it does have a lot of use driving traffic to content. We don't have a lot of content creators that can thrive on other platforms. It's quite the opposite when content creators from outside jump in the Hive platform. I realized that while I do get some appreciation votes from the platform, I'm just one of those lucky enough to be doing content in a noncompetitive scene.

The growth here as a content creator is just an illusion and people fall for upvotes as if it's = the value they churn out. I think some of my posts are overvalued and some undervalued based on effort but that's just being entitled.

Platforms outside have have more competition and growth opportunities that's why I took the next step of creating other social media accounts to expand. As expected, I'm barely holding my candle with my current skill level but it's all good. I got to love this blockchain because it just gave me confidence to blog as a stepping stone.

Rambling is cool. I do it, too.

Better when drunk and let the conversation's story walk on its own.

I always use youtube but never bother to click like, subscribe, and the most engagement a creator can get from me is me sharing their video somewhere else. I can't expect people that like my content or follow me to go the extra mile when I'm too preoccupied and lazy to do the same for strangers in general.

Beautifully well described and eloquently well expressed. Isn't this what everyone, and I mean everyone really does?

Most people just like to lurk and consume things from the shadows. Basically without leaving the slightest trace of what they do or have done. And especially if they have nothing to receive or gain in return.

Well, all that, unless that through your content you have touched a nerve with a controversial topic or have piqued the curiosity of your eventual audience enough about some extremely interesting topic that they would like to know more about and they assume and trust that you as a qualified author on the subject could have the knowledge enough to give them an answer that clarifies their doubts and concerns.

Otherwise, everyone will be always too preoccupied and lazy to do shit for strangers in general. And therefore, you will never have a chance to even know that they exist. :)

That applies to most anyway. When there is a content creator that pique my interest and almost values the same ideas I do, I wouldn't mind doing the extra mile because I want to do it.

And especially if they have nothing to receive or gain in return.

The moment you watch a video on youtube, access any site, your activity becomes part of the statistics that affect the algorithm for the site display. What this means is that while on an individual scale, your actions may seem negligible but as a collective unknowns watching the same video, you generate enough push to have youtube AI feature your video for more reach especially when there are likes or dislikes on it.

Our activities online affect some algorithm somewhere whether we like it or not and by simply watching ads or clicking certain links, we give out more than what we intend to give. While I don't consciously believe my own viewing experience on certain youtube channels greatly impact their popularity and chances to be more visible, I still believe that my small viewing time contributes to the cumulative data that can convince the AI to boost the channel's visibility.

That's why it takes great skill to be a content creator and know they are in the right place to make themselves be valued. Sometimes it's just right content wrong platform. The fastest way to be noticed is just not doing what the average content creator does and ask for drama, any publicity just to be noticed and one can actually build their name from that drama or have their name destroyed.

I think some of my posts are overvalued and some undervalued

I always tell people, "Never sell yourself short." Even with book and music sales, the creator never knows how well or how poorly the product will sell. I don't think people expected to go viral with cat videos. Someone else comes along and pumps all kinds of money into producing a documentary; 2000 views. Some movies even get hyped up for weeks and come out losing money, then you get a Blair Witch low budget production that turns out to be worth millions. It's a funny business.

We don't have a lot of content creators that can thrive on other platforms.

We do though. And even in the past, over the years. Plenty of talent. Look how well some of the artists are doing with NFTs elsewhere. Some are making thousands per unit, hundreds. And some struggle but that's life.

We do though. And even in the past, over the years. Plenty of talent. Look how well some of the artists are doing with NFTs elsewhere. Some are making thousands per unit, hundreds. And some struggle but that's life.

I'm most likely looking at the wrong market when I made that statement. Cryptoart is in its own genre away from the mainstream types I want to get into. You're right about having content creators can do well on Hive in regards to that content.

This place is all just a hobby that I can potentially earn from and maybe that's the reason why I still fail at investing my time here properly. I think that buying your own stake rather than having it freely upvoted to you gives you a sense of empowerment and will to keep the value higher than when you bought it. I see a lot of potential for this platform and the tokens that come along with it. But this is all just hobby that I can potentially earn from and not a lifeline.

What do you think Hive is missing that makes it fall short on other tokens? I think this place is undervalued for what it potentially can do. I don't really care much whether the price is goes up or down, I'm just happy this one is relatively stable that it gives me enough time to buy more and accumulate.

Half of my stake was purchased, the other half earned. It's good to have some skin in the game. The content generates value, half that goes to consumers, but I can earn some back being a consumer.

What do you think Hive is missing that makes it fall short on other tokens?

We don't need to be attached to the hip with the crypto market. Hive offers an actual product and that product often generates revenue from consumers. This platform doesn't focus on attracting dedicated consumers, or their disposable income. You see all that money exchanging hands on other platforms. People love throwing their money away to support content now. If they did the same thing but staked Hive instead, their money goes a lot further, plus they can even have it back and then some if they decide this isn't for them. That's incredibly disruptive in the entertainment industry if you think about it. So rather than focusing on the crypto crowd for investment, I always point out that other, much larger market, driven by consumers. They need a good product to buy or support though, which is why I suggest people here break free of their shackles and really make their content pop.

It's missing those consumers constantly purchasing and driving the token value up consistently, even during market crashes. The lack of dedicated consumers is obvious when one publishes their work and doesn't get any visitors. Content creators can't play both roles forever. With dedicated consumers being attracted to the platform, the money coming in the door and being locked in far outweighs the potential money that can leave.

i honestly stop caring :P

To be more exact, i care about the quality of my content, i know there is an interest to what i am writing but i don't care who will read it. I write it for myself before everyone else cause i enjoy doing so. I also try to interact and read other people's posts but once again i read and upvote whatever i like. For example even if let's say i have 4-5 posts off a person, doesn't mean i will so the same to its sixth one.

At the end of the day this is like a hobby for me, a way to learn new stuff and in the best case scenario to make some spare money. I can't live of my rewards even if the prices was 1$ and i earned 30$ per post :P

In steemit/hive years, i am too old for this shit :P

Different strokes for different folks. If you're fine with that then you're getting everything you want out it. That can be respected as well.

I'm like you when it comes to consuming. I browse on my time, vote what I like, comment if I feel I have something good to say. I don't get a chance to get to everyone every time though. Some folks post several times in a day. I can't get to all those and they don't hate me for it.

Productive hobbies. A great way to spend your time. I enjoy what I do as well. I still go back to read some of my older stuff and I'm all like, "Fuck yeah. That's cool." There's some flops there as well...

Does it feel weird saying that, then being in the top trending slot only a few hours later? ;)

hahaha not so much cause i have been there before :P It's a bit of exciting though to see your hard work to pay off!

Now next time you gonna see me there will be 2021 :P

Hitting it on the head again. Yes indeed. One of the biggies that has blighted this place is a really simple one. Not everyone is a blogger and not everyone is an entertainer and not everyone is an artist.

There will always be the, but I wrote words why didn't I get paid like them?

Ah, the fuckers. They will learn. If they don't, I will find them and I will kill them. Once I have killed all the fuckers, them we can all truly rest happy.

Yeah, we don't get paid by the word here.

I once wrote a post about killing everyone so I could upvote my own post and earn all the rewards. In my mind, at the time, that was the only way to earn a trending slot. And everyone laughed because it was so damn ridiculous, and that was the real point of the post. To entertain.

I miss the old edgy ways of this platform. I'd be so impressed to see that spark again. I know some people have it in them. And I will say, it's not all bad. I still find some good shit to read. And I like a lot of the solid travel posts. Not just the few pictures and the silent treatment but the ones where these folks take you on a mini adventure. Some of those are doing really well here. I'd really like to see music make a return. Those digital buskers. I miss that.

I know what you mean, there are many types of posts I would like to see here again. Never say never as it were but sometimes I think that the daily churners just continue to churn out their auto farming posts and there isn't room for much else.

It's funny you say that, the post about killing everyone. I remember it, I think I did a couple where I told everyone to fuck off and I would write all of the posts required for the platform and take the rewards for safe keeping. As a favour you understand... :0D

LOL! Remember this one?

150 comments and for the most part all I did was treat people like shit, as everyone laughed.

When i decided to werk here in the way back...
My point WAS To: BrandOnBlock(CHAIN)

State of the art...
In princeple.

Its da boo'$ from las night toc'n


Dang nabbit, I should have saved all the drafts of this comment. Maybe within in all the mess you would have gotten my point. It was something about the fact that I agree and disagree with what you say.... Now I've gone all shy and can't express it. EEmmmh! eehh! The internet is a fickle place, be true to yourself and maybe you will find at least a few souls that like you for who you are, warts and all. The Headliners were once supporting acts. Something like that.

Technically, I'm not criticizing anyone. Just pointing out the opportunities. People are free to do whatever they want.

Sometimes people try to be so much of themselves, they begin acting in ways they think others would approve of, the good side only. That doesn't come across as genuine.

One can be a genuine entertainer if they want to. What I always enjoyed was the freedom to step in and out of character. Being myself one way might not work out, so I can change, try something else, just for kicks. Being myself right now, sitting here, talking to you.

I really don't take your post as criticism just a statement of the way things are. I think opportunities are open to all of us. There are many who fall at the first hurdle. Balming the game will not change things. Then there are those passionate enough to keep going or too suborn to quit. (I think this is my camp).
I write my posts mainly to get things out of my head before they are lost to winds of time, If any one is entertained by them, with their warts and all, that's great but it doesn't change my mission or approach, it just makes it a little easier for me as I know they are things worth sharing.
Being creative is a vocation, the trappings that come with success can be a blessing or a curse. So I for one won't let them change what I do or how I do it.
I know this may sound self-involved but, that is just me here, talking to you.

Some are great with their approach but still fail the personality test. You do a fine job. I don't just know you as the sand and ice sculptor. You share some personality as well. Can see it in your work and you'll take to the time show it the comments.

Early on I knew...
People don't follow stories, they follow brands like CNN or Fox; people don't follow writing, they follow writers; people don't follow art, they follow artists; people don't follow games, they follow gamers. So on and so forth

This very important takeaway for me

People don't follow photos, they follow photographers. If I'm presented with one picture of tree, I can't follow a tree. Trees are everywhere. A few words though, a story about that tree, a personalized experience; now I can connect. Now it's unique. The tree becomes human and I can talk to it.

You're right. I definitely have come to expect a specific type of content every time i see one your posts.
I tried to be the meme guy but I felt my content was something people on hive usually don't look for. I'm a consumer for right now.
Also your art is nice.

I was scrolling all the way down to the bottom of my blog, looking for the day things changed. As I'm scrolling I'm thinking, "This looks like the work of a mental case." But I really like it.

Memes seem to flow better in conversation. We need to get these reward mechanisms adjusted so the meme people can be rewarded in the comments more. I used to hate the damn things. Grew to like them when the delivery is up to snuff. Some just use them to troll and bring negativity into places where it doesn't make sense to do so.

Consuming is fun. I do that more these days.

I think the profile pic is helping your persona as well. Maybe I will go back to editing unattractive photos of famous people in the middle of taking a bite of food. That was fun. lol

It's good for the brand. Might scare some people though, when I'm just kicking back being myself.

Hahahah you never stop cracking me up.


This feels like the first time I've ever impressed a beerologist. How many people can even say they've impressed a beerologist?

I'm going to tell everyone!

It's a thing!

I'll tell them that, too!

I started on Steemit one month before you did,
@nonameslefttouse, but my "splash" has felt like this:


Your post helped me see the error in my approach.
I did not come as "an entertainer working behind a pseudonym."
I came as a transparent creator, actually working as myself (real name, and all!)
I naively thought realness and authenticity could be my brand,
but I see better now. THANK YOU.

Well, entertainer types are still being real and authentic. I know that initial grind and then some of the lulls in between didn't feel fake. Plenty of folks use their real names but I always sense a bit of showmanship when I watch them work. You'll see it if you look for it. They'll always put their game face on.

Well, entertainer types are still being real and authentic.

THAT is the eureka part for me! 💡 Albeit, embarrassingly late.

It's not persona versus authenticity... but persona with authenticity.

I experienced the union of them while reading your post, and I think that's how I (finally) grasped the a-ha.

So I'm now musing about my own game face, and will be more attentive to showmanship in general.

I think I had an unhelpful idea about it in the past... as being insincere or withholding. Whatever kind of judgment it was, it's been limiting me and my effectiveness as a communicator. #freeing #revelation

Couldn't fake the writing ability. Couldn't fake the art. Couldn't fake the jokes. All I could really do there was gradually improve. I experimented with plenty of characters. It gave me a lot of freedom. Some days I completely stepped out of character to do something serious, tell a story, talk about things like I did here. This was my first post on Hive though: https://peakd.com/life/@nonameslefttouse/hello-i-m-new-guy-i-hope-to-be-wonderful-at-hive-someday-please-vote-me-i-vote-you-thank-you-love-you-too

That's totally not me but it was a lot of fun to write.

😂🤣 Well, with a punny muse like Poosie!! 🤣😂

I was 100% ENTHRALLED.

The hilarity. The sheer wild-n-craziness. The shitty grammar. It's brilliant. And I now GET IT... said a new fan for life. Please remain an active Hiver for always, @nonameslefttouse.


This post showed me a real-life, nuanced tweak I can make to be a better writer. And the post you linked to made me momentarily drop my angst, and laugh my ass off.

Just for contrast and kicks, here's my version of a squirting llama:


Boiled that one down to a science hey.

Well, since we're on the topic now...

Boiled that one down to a science hey.

Haha. Y'know, in hindsight, I guess it IS pretty formulaic! I love to research, and do prefer precise clarity whenever possible, so that's how it expressed at the time.

You, on the other hand, build vaginas... that are really fences!


(This is my attempt at humor... which I know I've now ruined with an awkward explanation, only left to not appear rude. So I opted for neurotic, instead.)

Don't worry. I still chuckled before the explanation, then laughed at the explanation.

Well, since on the matter that our blogs should be treated by its authors mainly as a primary part of the entertainment bizniz. And that the consumers of our content must be considered as the fundamental vehicle of promotion, publicity, marketing and free dissemination out there in the wild to make our platform grows beyond our boundaries and could be really known by the mass....

About this subject, I guess we have already talked extensively before and therefore you already know my opinion about it. And also, you already have enough comments that focus on this specific bit.

So, now let me focus on something else. };)

I've noticed, over the years, plenty of people joining in on the fun here, but having difficulties breaking out onto the scene. Always feeling small; then giving up.

Yes, I suppose I am another one of those old pompous pricks you are referring to that started many years ago when all this "Social Media" blockchain was just a fertile, promising and still deserted land that invited us to sow our seeds in the hope of seeing large trees grow in our plots that would always bear large and juicy fruits as a reward for our time & efforts.

And yes, in these arduous tasks I am a month older than you digging and sowing around these parts. Since I started way back at the beginning of August of 2016.

But what I really wanted to highlight through this comment, is precisely part of what you indicate in the quote that I have selected above. "having difficulties breaking out onto the scene. Always feeling small; then giving up"

As you can see, I have never given up. And I am still active and daily going on in trying to attract and entertain an audience. And curiously enough, I'm also plainly aware that I succeeded in breaking out onto the scene. But yeah, in my own way and style and clearly on top of the other side of the fence onto the same main scene. };)

Odd enough, I never felt small or big here. I have the hunch that I've always been one of those that you call a Genuine Character prolly well known all over around that never lost his authentic pinkness nor do he ever stop enjoying his frequent and customary soliloquies. So yeah, still a simple entertainer performing his magic acts on the less congested side of the scene. But one who is still kicking and alive enjoying the attempt to make people thinks. Sometimes!

As for the influencers. Yeah, by now many here should already know what exactly they are and what they sound like. Tsk Tsk.

Well it's a good thing I didn't write, "And everyone is the same way."

I haven't strayed away far from my roots here either. As the support base grew I did start putting a lot more effort into my contributions. You won't see a quick, short, social media like shit post out of me anymore. Not grinding daily anymore either.

We're all different animals. I'm like a, go big or go home kinda guy. For a long time, years, I was a big part of the underground scene here. Had fun with it. Still do have fun. Always driven to go further.

Looking at the second image with the faces, it feels that they're moving apart, it's crazy. I don't know if it's just me but I can really see them moving apart, optical illusion I guess.

Sometimes my art comes to life and has a mind of its own. That part, I can't control.

Always feeling small; then giving up.

I think, the issue there is expectation which first should be fixed. I never gave up, even though I barely earn a lot from my posts.

Still feeling small but that's only because I want to grow.

This is the most valuable asset in life and should be for every one in every aspect of life. It will never bring disappointments keeping the door open to accept and learn more.

I still don't expect anything. Didn't expect you to show up, yet here you are. Surprise surprise.

And yes the comfort zone is destructive. No such thing as the top. The one dude going around creating a cult on Steem lied to everyone.

I don't think they are false, perhaps without personality, without love for what makes them unique.

YouTube achieved success by giving a different window for people to express themselves, if the owners of YouTube are millionaires thanks to the consumers, but everything has its price.

Perhaps we see the world differently or perhaps we think differently, the point is that nothing is what it seems and everything is not as we want.

I digress a bit, but I hope you understand me.

I just meant humanity has a tendency of only publishing its good side.

I think I understand you. These days though, with what I was saying about consumers sharing and acting as distributors; media corporations can't even function without those consumers passing things around nowadays.

Google bought Youtube. Sharing a link on Facebook now sends you directly to Youtube, since those two companies fight for their portion of the attention economy. In the early days, many people didn't even know what Youtube was, so seeing a video in your Facebook feed was free advertising for Youtube, even though the video was only about cats. That's how content becomes advertising when shared. I don't need to write posts about PeakD or Hive. It just needs to be something entertaining that leads to the platform.

I understand you perfectly my friend, the truth is that everything goes in one direction and it is difficult to turn things around.

YouTube has changed since its inception and well we just adapt or something like that.

I'm not fearful of the direction things are headed, but sometimes I do feel like the platform is afraid of commitment, so that makes remaining loyal more challenging than it needs to be.

I've been talking about that on the platform and I understand you.

For the first time in months, I read such a long post with interest, that everything written was meaningful.
Giving you a follow up, keep flourishing.

@NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself strikes again!

Wow exelente lo que has explayado es muy instructivo, gracias por compartir.

Estoy feliz de ayudar.

Nailed the title. Gotta be the worst time slot. My timing must suck--perfect.

Titles are insanely important.

Same with timeslots. Far less competition in the worst timeslot. LOL!

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Well. This was encouraging.


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I don't post daily though; but when I do post, I barely think.


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Happy Christmas you talented writer!

Merry Christmas!

Thank you!

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Hello. Long time no see. That picture of the jail up there - in the paragraph above it I read the word paperboy as playboy for some reason. So when I looked at the bars on the window, I saw that little figure as a silhouette of a Playboy bunny. And that seemed random. It took me probably thirty seconds for my eyes to override my brain and realize it was a bird. Anyway, knowing you it was probably meant to be a bird that immediately transforms into Dracula who is looking for an easy jail-cell meal. Anyway.

Hope you are doing well. All is well on this end of the continent.

As some of my work here ages and my mind distances itself from the day of creation, I too get to witness some of these peculiar transformations you speak of. The one you mentioned, that cage, it's actually a grid of sorts. The bird's position is important. It's all part of a coded message that lurks around inside much of the imagery displayed throughout my posts.

I'm doing well. Spending time in the wilds until spring, probably.

this is why HIVE is worth something...

HIVE Regards!

Outstanding post, well said.

Content consumers sharing media in that fashion are like the oldschool paperboy, except that kid got paid.

lol, so true.

Those blonde women who acted ditzy in entertainment over the years were actually incredibly smart. This is how geniuses operate. Paris Hilton's net worth is around 300 million and you don't make that kind of money being stupid, you just act stupid.

Also true. Sadly when I was an arrogant youngster, I labelled such people as 'shallow' and 'dumb.' Fortunately I adjusted my view. :)

Anyway, thanks for a great read, Mr. Personality. 😁

The reason we labelled them as shallow and dumb was because we associated them with their emulators.

I can barely remember my reasonings way back then, but yes, I'd say that was definitely a major factor, lol.