One day in life

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Do you like waking up and taking first sip of coffee? Feeling that caffeine running through your stomach giving you excitement for new day that comes.


Or walking in your backyard, picking fresh apple, strawberry, blueberry or pear that gives you natural vitamins that will help you going throughout day fresh and healthy. Or just combine two things together, drinking coffee while waking around your backyard.


Smelling flowers that are all around us, picking them and placing them into a vase giving nice smell to your home that gives nice welcoming spirit to every guest.


And at the end of the day just looking how Sun sets far away, looking at the colors that it can give to us, and it's free.
Belo Jezero zalazak.jpg

Or just walking during night, looking at the sky above you, seeing Milky Way, Moon or star constellation that are everywhere. As we were younger, my friends and I used to lay on grass every night and just looking at the stars for hours, seeing dozen of meteors, making few wishes and enjoyed beautiful weather.


I hope you enjoyed, as much as I enjoyed making this post. Have a nice Sunday! :)

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a-aaa, you tricked me, lured me into the post! I expected it all 100% consisting of !COFFEEA related images! but no... 8-)

oh, and the answer is: yes.

Hahahaha, that was just a story related with coffee and one whole day. :D

I wish I could. Damn light pollution. 😬 Have a nice Sunday! :)

I wish I could. Damn light pollution. 😬 Have a nice Sunday! :)

Thanks! Come live in village, there is a tiny bit of light pollution. :D