QUOTE OF THE DAY : It Will Make Sense

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Maybe it didn’t work today because there’s something better tomorrow. Maybe she/he left you because your heart belongs to someone else. Maybe you lost the battle because you were meant to win the war. Life is funny. But if you wait long enough, it will make sense. You got this.

– Gabriel Valenciano

Everything has a purpose. All things are happening for a reason . You were not created and born in this world without any purpose in life. It's true that there are moments you are in doubt , why is this happening , why me? what do i need to do and that.. but just always think that it will always be the path you re planned to be on. Life is also a choice yes , so it's your decision to take yourself out of the unfaithful side . It has always been true that if one door closes a new bigger and better one will open for you. And that's life .. nothing is permanent.. it will always change. It's just up to you how you'll make things happen and how you'll make your effort and time worth spending..

your cuties ,