The Homeless Man's Chair

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These days daily.
A small rotation.
Occasionally a new face.
Seems like every corner has someone standing and asking for help. Some sit. One man was having trouble eating his crackers.
How is this so common?
Mental health?
How can we actually support those in need in our communities?
He was having trouble eating his crackers.
These people did not grow up planning to skip work and just get free money. They are standing in hot sun and cold rain.
I'm embarrassed and saddened by this, on behalf of my city, of my mayor, of my friends, of myself.

I am not a socialist, but we have to set up better systems of support for those in emergency need. I understand this is not an easy issue to fix. Ultimately my thinking goes back to mental health support. The real kind. Not just a place to get new customers for the pharmaceutical companies. Something holistic.

He was having trouble eating his crackers.


Be well.
(words, gif, and photo are original)
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