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Hello friends,
we are all locked in the house, we cannot go out except for important and necessary needs.
Corona Virus has drastically changed all my habits as well as the habits of millions of people around the world.
I live in Italy and the restrictive measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 have been in force for more than twenty-one days.
According to the data updated to March 31, there were 105,792 cases in Italy of which 12,428 died and 15,729 recovered. At the moment 77,635 people are positive for the virus (Data Source: "Civil Protection").

Staying at home is crucial.

The people most at risk are the elderly, our parents, the grandparents of our children.

How much wisdom and experience would the world lose without a good number of them?

Health and Economic Emergency

Corona Virus is primarily the cause of a major health emergency but secondly it is the cause of a major economic emergency.

I don't have a steady job, I do several jobs at the same time and I don't hide that my income has decreased significantly.

My wife has a small shop that has closed for 23 days.
A large company can resist negative periods while a small shop can only resist very short periods of inactivity ...

The impact that this damned virus has on my life from an economic point of view is really heavy.

It is a difficult situation but health comes first and rightly so.

Let's search and see the Positive

Every negative situation always has positive sides.

More time for the family

I am a father of a girl named Chiara: a cheerful 6 year old girl.
In these days of imprisonment I have so much time to devote to my daughter.
When I can be with my daughter I am truly happy.

Every day I try to stimulate my daughter with new ideas and games.
My goal is to prevent Chiara from being trapped by the powerful and mesmerizing smartphone...

Home activities

Now I will tell you some of the domestic activities that take place daily in my home.

Ping pong tournament

2.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

The living room table has become a Ping Pong table.
An exciting tournament takes place every day.
I know, it is not a regular ping pong table: to fix the net I had to use two computer manuals because the edges of the table are too thick.
Before now I could never have associated the "Operating Systems" manual and the "Java 2" manual with Ping Pong :)

Fun is guaranteed and with only three participants the podium is guaranteed. :)

Darts Tournament

10.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

9.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

There is a target on the bathroom door.
The corridor of my house has become the launching pad for fast and dangerous felt darts. :)

Flying balloon

7.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

It is a variant of the best known volleyball with the difference that the field is the living room, the net is made up of three chairs and instead of the classic ball there is a colored balloon.

Board games

4.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Monopoly, One, Scrabble: I've never played as much as these days.

4b.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

The situation we are experiencing is difficult and heavy but the game can lighten it at least a little.

Recipes and cooking

After closing the shop, my wife has a lot of time.
By the way, I have never seen the house as clean as it has been these days.
The abundance of time made her rediscover her passion for cooking.
Cooking is a nice pastime and like my wife many Italians have rediscovered the pleasure of cooking.
The hardest products to find in supermarkets are brewer's yeast and flour.

This is the pizza prepared by my wife

6.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

These instead are some sweets

IMG20200315144123.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Ghost-shaped meringues.

IMG20200329145927.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

And simple and tasty biscuits.

IMG_20200326_132238.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

With all these delicacies I have well thought of removing the batteries from the weight scale :)

Singing to fight asociality

We live in days when asociality, even if unwanted, is a must.
In this situation, the simple but useful initiatives that have taken hold throughout Italy are very beautiful.

Singing flash mobs are organized to recover a minimum of sociability.

At a predetermined time, anyone who wants can look out of the balcony and sing a song previously agreed on the web.

In the photo are my wife and daughter singing the song "Volare" by Domenico Modugno.

Image.pngPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

It is a way to interact with others and release the tensions accumulated due to the lack of freedom.

If I watch my daughter sing and smile I can only agree on the saying: "Sing that everything passes!"

Outdoor activities

I only go out to do the shopping. I don't want my parents to take unnecessary risks and for this reason I take care of shopping for my family and for my parents.
But going out is still depressing, you look and you are looked at with fear.

Before Corona Virus it was a difficult task to find a place in the parking lot of this supermarket.
Now it's very easy!

IMG20200316153207.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Babies and the Corona Virus

The children do not realize the seriousness of the situation and therefore do not feel the great weight.
But they too suffer from not being able to leave the house.
My apartment overlooks a park which is always full of children especially on weekends.
This is the photo of the park taken on Sunday afternoon.

12.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

A month ago the screams and laughter would have silenced the most powerful opera singer :) now there is a deafening silence.

In Italy it is forbidden to attend parks to avoid gatherings of people.
How much I miss running with my daughter in the park.

The other day my daughter was playing with her toy microscope and fantasizing about being a doctor.

11.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

I asked her if she was looking for a solution for the Corona Virus and if she wanted to find it.

After some time he comes to me and brings me a drawing and says:

Chiara: Dad I found the solution! See I'll show you.

Copertina1.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Chiara: If we take the virus (1) and if we remove the pieces of the crown one at a time (2), the virus no longer has the crown and we can rest assured (3).

The approach of children to problems is of a simplicity and fantasy that we adults often forget to have ...

The school and the Corona Virus

My daughter's teachers are doing exceptional work.
Every day they send homework via web channels.
We parents scan the homework and send it back via email for correction.
Every day the teacher of Italian Ida sends her students an audio file of a fairy tale read by her.

Among the tasks assigned there was also a drawing: a rainbow with the inscription "We will defeat the virus".

This is the drawing my daughter did.

8.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Now it hangs on the balcony of my apartment.

IMG20200402134705.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Closed at home but full of hope.

The situation is dramatic, the mere thought that a person close to me can risk my life makes me feel bad.

My father is over 70 and in winter he often has bronchitis and therefore belongs to the category of people at high risk.

The Corona Virus brings with it many worries and fears:

  • fear of being infected
  • fear of infecting the weakest loved ones
  • fear, in case of infection, of not finding a place in the hospital or being adequately cared for
  • fear of not being able to physically and morally support a family member in serious conditions.

Who dies at the hands of the Corona Virus dies alone, without loved ones ... an even sadder death ...

IMG20200117112317.jpgPhoto owned by @libertycrypto27

Despite the many fears, we must continue to be confident, optimistic and full of hope.

The hope is that this emergency will soon pass.
The hope is that this emergency will teach us a lesson and teach us that we men are not invincible.
The hope is that this emergency will make us rediscover the great value of small things such as a handshake or a warm hug.
The hope is that from overcoming the difficulties of these days we can be reborn and rediscover ourselves better men.

We are locked in the house but full of hope.

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