Sunset Beach A Lovely Day!

in life •  9 months ago 

When we were in California for Disneyland, of course, we had to do one of my most favorite things; Go to the Beach. We went to a Beach called Sunset beach! There wasn't a lot of trash on the ground. I picked up a half a tote bag. Which made me sad! I hate it when people litter! Other than that, it was gorgeous. And in some areas, there were tiny fish. They didn't seem to mind me being there. I tried some new sunblock that's supposed to be reef safe. Called Banana boat, But it didn't work, and I sadly got badly burned. I recommend getting Alba Reef Safe Sunblock If you are looking for something that actually works.

The big waves make me so happy!

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Beautiful picture click from beach,,👌😄

Thank you :)

Amazing shots :)

Thank you