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Bullseye. I confronted my roommate with a screenshot of him trying to get into my locked bedroom and told him I felt ill and stunned by what I captured. I had not told him about the new security camera I put on my piano facing my bedroom door. That caught him by surprise. But him messing with the one we had to watch the front door sounded my alarm bells to get a backup camera.

Was he trying to rob me just days before moving or planning to do something creepy and pervy in my bedroom? He said he wanted to look at himself in the mirror.

Check how he looked in my mirror???

He was in his underwear. I was sitting in my car getting my navigation app up when I decided to see if my new camera app was working before I got on the road.

I wish I had video of how I saw that he made a direct beeline to my room the moment I turned my car’s key ignition.

What the heck?!?!?!

I had just bought the camera and didn’t know how to use the app properly to record video. I was in stunned fear and made screenshots of his questionable behavior before driving off to teach. I cancelled my afternoon and evening of teaching and called a friend to come over for dinner. I was afraid and didn’t want to be alone with a person that was becoming more a stranger to me these last few weeks. What other strange things will he do? Who is this person?

S: “You should just ask him straight why he’s messing with the security camera and going into your bedroom.”

JNET: “Not while he’s still in my home. That would be perfect stupid last words to ask a bad guy. ‘Dude, what’s up with you turning the cameras to the floor or the piano and trying to get into my locked bedroom. Then he kills me and tells the police that he found me home dead.”

He is out. I’m not quite myself. I’m not used to being this stressed out and I like to say I have nerves of steel. But I’m feeling a bit frayed.

He had been testing my boundaries at a higher frequency lately. Missing things, unusual flattery, and tampering with our security camera prompted me to get a secondary security camera.

The ornament episode of last month was perhaps a test to see if I would let a missing valuable slide. He had just given his notice to move, I had to interview prospective roommates and clean and put away the Christmas decorations. The ornament mysteriously reappeared after a few days. D gave unusual flattery and gifting that week. And then important mail from my attorney that I needed to expedite was in his possession that he “forgot” to give me. This was before I noticed that he was messing with the one security camera we had facing the front door.

It’s been a stressful week and a learning experience. It’s sad but that is how many of us learn how to deal with life and bad things, by having terrible experiences and rising above them. Friends came over right away to keep me company and to watch him pack his things. Others came after he left to check on me.

A safe world where everyone is good doesn’t exist. We create it by being watchful stewards of what we have and pruning out that which doesn’t belong and may cause upset in our lives. Look out for one another, protect and be a comfort to one another during tough and scary times. Jnetsworld is kept safe and thriving because I protect what is precious in my life, including my friends and family. Creating a better world is not a solo project, good people will come to help protect and be back up in scary times.


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Wow. That sucks. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I've had my share of roommate problems too. It's the worst once they are already officially kicked out, but aren't gone yet.

Thanks for your empathy. This is a messy move out. Ive had great roommate experiences for a good stretch and now this. Bam! I wonder why he had to get a flashlight out when he couldn’t get my door to open. His agitation at my suspicions wiped his apologetic demeanor. He decided to go nuclear and I’m the person in the wrong. I’m bumping up my interviewing process after this experience that’s knocked me askew. Tomorrow a friend comes over to do reiki over myself and my home to chase out the bad energy. Sending good vibes to you. Good always triumphs! Let’s get a steemit meetup at Bobs Big Boy. Friday’s are vintage car days starting from mid afternoon going to 10pm.



Isn't it crazy how the one's who are quick to call out bullshit are the one's always in the wrong?

I hope things are shaping up and the cleanse went good.

Hang in there, you got this!


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