Maryland Winery Uses Their Dog For Curbside Deliveries

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

I love this dog! His name is Soda Pup and his owners also own the Stone House Urban Winery in Hagarstown, Maryland.

Like all alcohol businesses, sales exploded when the coronavirus hit.

Their problem of course, was social distancing. So they enlisted Soda Pup to run the orders out to the curb when customers came to pick them up.


This is one smart dog. Not only does he perform his job perfectly with no complaints, he's so popular that some people order wine just so they can get it delivered to them by him!


He only carries two bottles at a time so for larger orders he makes multiple trips, no problem! Word is that sometimes he comes back with his saddle bags stuffed with cash. lol.

I think this is one business practice that will continue for pickup orders after the virus is gone.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!


PS- As in any time of hardship many criminals are trying to cash in on it. Police are doing everything they can to NOT arrest people and put them in crowded jails.


In Texas we don't need no police to take care of little things like thieves.

Also, check out this wonderful flash mob performance by the great Gospel artist and pastor Hezekiah Walker and his team.

Utilizing one of our most powerful weapons bytheway, in this great spiritual battle raging over the coronavirus.

I love the mixed reactions of the crowd!





Wow! Long time, no post!!

Hope you are very well and healthy!

Keep taking vitamin C, D3 and Zinc tablet!

Howdy sir kaminchan! Yes, Mrs. J took an axe to my steemit/hive experiment so I'm not on here much anymore but I'll try to keep in contact by commenting. I hope the virus situation is improving there?

Oh, yes..vit C, D3 and Zinc we take everyday!

Oh! Good to hear that your immune system is in too shape! You are very healthy and strong!!



What a cool thing to see and hearing about ways people are finding a way to still do business!

Howdy sir simms50! Most Americans are pretty resourceful I have to say. How's it going up there, you guys still totally locked down?

We sure our and our fantastic governor decided to keep everyone in lockdown now through the month of May! He ever so slightly loosened his death trip but just just barely. Hope all is well with you and the Mrs!

We are doing great here, so far no cases in the jail which I consider a miracle! Do you think the governor should start lifting the lockdown? They're doing that in Texas, I think they know everyone will just start going back to work anyway if they don't.

He needs to but doesn't want to relinquish power. I believe there is a lawsuit against him going to court tomorrow

Oh man, sounds like a real control freak!

That’s one smart dog Cowboy and doing a great service. Dogs like to be useful and he probably likes his job.

Howdy redheadpei! I agree, I think he loves his job because he gets so much love and attention and gets to stay busy!

One useful and helpful dog.

Howdy sir Vincent! I agree, he reminds me of me! lol.

Nice dog!! He will have to ask for a raise and a bonus!

Luckily he didn’t sample some of the whisky!

lol...I can just imagine him wobbling around drunk, trying to make it to the curb!

Great post @janton. Such a smart dog who is certainly dedicated to his job. Lol.

Howdy Trudee! Thanks so much for stopping by and I agree, I think Soda Pup is so cool! He's much more popular than the humans!

What a cool pup, great idea just wish we could buy some wine, back to that clever puppy he will have a job for some time to come and the owners must be smiling having trained him so well!

Unfortunately I could not see the video, groups like this are totally banned over here, even a funeral no more than 20 people at a time in one place.

Howdy joanstewart! Thanks so much for stopping by. I've pretty much gotten away from steemit/hive. My wife got tired of me spending all my time on here with nothing to show for it but I'll try to stay in contact with as many as time will allow.

I agree about that great dog! I think they'll keep him on even after the virus is gone.

Yes, that group performance was done before the virus hit. Sorry the video didn't work but you can put in Hezekiah Walker into youtube and put in Every Praise and find it, it's a tremendous production if you like praise songs.

I couldn't believe it when I learned that alcohol sales were banned in South Africa, what in the world? Does that make any sense? lol.

Nice if you drop in when you have spare time on your hands.

Our government is trying their best to keep people from moving around, I do miss my beer and wine, however fully understand the reasoning behind the ban.

Take care and thanks for sharing this special dog!

Howdy again joanstewart! I don't understand the ban on alcohol, is it because they think people will act stupid and not do the social distancing? I guess you need a stockpile in case something like this happens again!

The perfect post in this uncertain time, a very clever dog and Doc Holliday!

Howdy sir skunkape30uk! Good to see you again and thank you. I agree, it's a great combination! lol. I've stepped way back from this platform, Mrs. J got tired of me spending all my time here with nothing to show for it but I'm trying to keep up with as many people as possible.
How are the virus numbers looking over there, are they leveling off?

Good to see you too mate. I've been offline for a few weeks and haven't logged into Steemit at all and this is my first day on Hive, and lot has changed but I can understand 'stepping back'.

Our virus numbers had the first major decline today according to the media but in truth I don't know what to believe anymore. Even if Covid vanished tomorrow the economy looks pretty FUBAR. Looks like we're in for an interesting future lol.

How're things across the pond with you?

I hope those declining numbers are accurate so the economy can start opening back up over there. I think most people are willing to take a chance on getting the virus if they can get back with their lives.

The numbers in Texas are very good in the high population areas but where we live they are very low so I think in a few weeks people will all be back to work. We live in the country so personally we haven't been affected by it, I'm outside working everyday.

Bigfoot are social distancing world champions!

I hope you're right and that things will soon be back to at least semi normal around the whole planet. I always try to stick to hoping for the best but planning for the worst case scenario in all things, so whichever way this goes I hope to roll with the punches and survive.

I envy you working in the countryside my friend but its good that this isn't getting to you. I think for a lot of people globally this virus has made the idea of owning a couple of acres at minimum to support food off seem a necessity and not just a pipe dream.

I hear you on the Bigfoot thing but it may not all be good news for the big fella. On the flipside there's a theory I've heard before on why Bigfoot sightings have been on the increase in the last few decades. A researcher put forward the idea that the 1775-1782 smallpox epidemic in America may also have effected the Sasquatch population and that they have only recently recovered in numbers. Who knows if Covid-19 may be just as deadly or even more so to Bigfoot?

Howdy again sir skunkape30uk! Very interesting thoughts on the Bigfoot situation. Very well could be I'm sure.

I heard that any homes for sale in the country are being snapped up in record time over here.

no idea if its true, but its an interesting theory to knock around.

That make sense with the housing market as it is. I think we'll have a possible surge of people buying properties with better locations for survival, defence and bugging out to and then the property market bubble is going to burst in a way which will make 2008 seem like a good year.

You are talking about the real estate market over there being in a huge bubble, I thought maybe it was just us! That's going to be painful but something that has to happen sooner or later I reckon!

I bet he is happy doing the job and being loved by everybody 😊

Yes Ma'am, you can relate to that right? lol.

1 a week please.... More like 1 a day...!!!

But we will take anything You give us Jonboy.

Thanks sir krazzytrukker, I'll try. Did you make it home yet? You're in the hammock as we speak aren't you?

Oh yes. Home Thursday afternoon. Worked outside most of the day. A trip to Home Depot. Our dog is dying so that has taken up some of our time and energy. So sad when they go. We were going to take her in to put her down today. But She seemed to be doing better, but then got bad again tonight. Sad days right now.

I'm so sorry to hear that sir krazzytrukker. It's pure torture when they pass away. I believe they are one of God's special gifts to us.

In fact..I probably shouldn't mention this because you'll think I'm crazy but what the hey... I've read so many accounts of people who have died and gone to heaven but it wasn't their time to go so they were sent back.

Many very credible accounts with proof that they were gone from their bodies. But anyway, many of them reported that their pets that had died were in heaven and would be reunited with them when they got there.

I remember the one account where the man who had died was being escorted by an angel and he said to the angel that it couldn't be real when his dog ran up to him because dogs don't have spirits.

The angel told him that dogs DO have spirits, they are just a different type of spirit than man's.

To me, it's just another way that God shows His love for us. Oh, cats too. Owners have seen both their cats and dogs in heaven. I don't know about any other kind of pet.

I just say all of this to say that it is not necessarily the end for them, just like it isn't the end for human spirits.

Thanx Jonboy, that helps.

Smart pup! I wonder how they trained him to do that.

Did you know, Dobermans were bred to take money to the bank for their owners? You would think a thief would only need to have a piece of steak to break that system.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! I had no idea about Dobermans, wow! Did that work or do you know?

It must have worked well enough, though I can't remember exactly where I heard that bit of useless trivia... lol IS interesting trivia though. Are you guys letting up on restrictions up there yet? Texas is back to normal pretty much, I hope it doesn't backfire.

Hi janton, who can resist a cute clever dog? This is a very clever business move isn't it?

Howdy angiemitchell! Yes Ma'am, I think they'll keep him as a delivery dog even after the virus situation passes! It's very clever.

What a great idea, very clever! Super cute dog too!

Howdy again sir Keith! Yes sir, I think this is one of those jobs that dogs can do better than humans. lol. Plus he works cheap and doesn't complain!

Howdy!!hope you are very well!!

Has the lockdown been suspended yet?!

I think people just have to boost their immunity!

Stay strong and cheerful!

Texas is pretty much back to business are usual except for large gatherings sir kaminchan. I hope it doesn't backfire.

No! It don’t be that bad for people with strong immune system, or those who take lots of Vitamin C and D3.

That is true and I'm surprised that the government agencies over here haven't talked about boosting immune systems. Have they done that in your part of the world?

No, I have been waiting for some doctors or government officials to speak on the issue.

It just dawned on me that high level people who know the facts could not speak out. They could create fierce enemies among the drug companies and their lobby groups.

I have been feeding alternative information on this issue to some acquaintances in certain positions. But I had no direct feedback.

The indirect feedback is that vitamin D3 and zinc tablets were sold out in all drug stores several times!! So,my friendly chemists at the drug store keep up up-to-date with Vitamins sale. I bet doctors are also using hydroxychloroquine for treating patients too; as an advisor to a politician said that we could now cure infected people within two days!! This will not make Remdesivir very relevant in the future. But the drug company wants to push the new vaccine to the limit.

Wait and see what will happen next.

Howdy sir kaminchan! Very interesting. Yes, the natural remedies and cures are being ignored! It's shameful. I guess the drug companies are the same no matter where they are in the world.

I think certain class of people will always survive as they often have the information others don’t have! The poor and uneducated people will always bear the blunt of the chaos in the near future.

Very true sir kaminchan and well said!

Howdy Sir Janton!
I'm so happy to see you here on Hive!

Good to see you too sir optout!
Yes, I made it over but my time here is now very limited. After spending 2 years on Steemit with nothing to show for it Mrs. J. took an axe to my social media site experiment.

Now I'm doing work around the property that I've been putting off for 2 years! I'm also starting to sell books on Amazon.

How is it going for you and what are you doing these days? Has the virus shutdowns affected you?

Oh man! I'm sad to hear Mrs. J. turned you down. I'll be happy to read your posts when you can do them though! I'm doing ok. I was kinda unemployed before the whole Rona came ripping through. I've been trying to start my own business. I'm really tired of working for other people. I've got a Shopify store now that looks promising. I'm hoping it makes enough to feed the family. If it doesn't, no big deal, I can always go back to truck driving!

Oh, I didn't know you used to be a truck driver! They're struggling right now but I hope things pick up as the economies get back to work.

I've heard of many people doing well with shopify so I hope it does for you too. I just got a notice from Amazon that I sold my first book but I have no idea what I'm doing or how it will go, I'll let you know though and I'm super interested to see how your shopify business goes.

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Holy Smokes, that's alot of replies! Thanks so much for keeping track hivebuzz!

Haha yes it is! Engaging is key! Great job @janton!
cheers, lizanomadsoul

you probably wont see this but why are you not posting anymore? I miss your stuff.

Howdy sir beelzebubba! Thanks for contacting me. My wife took an axe to my online social media experiment, sighting that after 2 years and nothing to show for it after working on it was time to quit.

So I've got 2 years worth of work and projects around the property to get done. I do try and get on every few days to keep in contact with people but I'm forced to agree with her that I was basically wasting my time. It sure was fun while it lasted though! I hope everything is good in redneck country!

i suppose that reason you provided is about as good as they come. I wish you the best brother.

Howdy sir beelzebubba! Thank you and I wish you the same. I'll stop by and visit your blog from time to time.

well if the time comes that you start posting again let me know. Pity to see you go as it was one of my favorite blogs on here but real life has to come first. To be honest, if I wasn't so restricted about the on site work that we are allowed to do I would be here a lot less as well.

Howdy today sir beelzebubba and thanks so much for the kind words! What do you mean by being so restricted about the on site work? You talking about your neighborhood or community regulations?



Maybe you could tell her you are researching crypto investments?

lol..howdy sir frot! Good to see you and thanks for stopping by and checking on me! She isn't exactly a fan of cryptos so I don't think that excuse would work. lol.

How are things in NZ? Are the lockdowns and social distancing over with? How's the supplement business?

The imaginary virus went away the day the "government" said it did - all masks disappeared that day and yesterday I was jammed into a bus packed like sardines - nobody gives a toss this week.

We have been fairly busy, and we got our first order from a second wave prepper yesterday - if the race riots in America don't do the job, I imagine second wave is plan B...

Howdy again sir frot! I'm glad to hear that business is good and the virus is magically gone. lol.
I don't think there will be a second wave here but I reckon that won't stop them from acting like there is a second one!

No - well there was never a first one, but I'm sure they can fake it again!

Hi Mr Janton

Missing your epic posts - just checking to see if you are still online - glad to see you are still commenting - awaiting your next post!

Oh Jon boy oh Jon boy, wherefore art thou @janton? Why hast thou forsaken us?
Come on man, check in at least and let us know how you are.

Howdy sir Jerry! I'm still around the platform, just not as often. I'm trying to keep in contact with as many people as I can, I'll add you to the list, in fact I was just thinking about you the other day and told myself to visit your blog.

Things are going great but Mrs. J. got tired of me spending all my time online and after doing that for 2 years with steemit/hive and almost nothing to show for it she took and axe to my social media site experiment. lol.

So now I'm working on projects around the house and property that I should have been working on 2 years ago. But at least she's happy.

How's it going over in Georgia? Did you guys get back to normal yet as far as reopening the economy? We have record number of cases here in Texas and the governor just gave an executive order for everyone to wear a mask in public.

I'm sorry Jonboy, I think you told me some of this (about the missus cutting you off ha ha) previously, I just hadn't heard from you, I went to check and it seemed you hadn't posted in a month so I was afeared you'd gotten the plague.
I am glad that is not the case.

This whole thing pisses me off. We are still somewhat open (not that it helps me, I've been in my little genie bottle almost 6 months, only coming out to walk down the hill to check mail(no mask), or go to the grocery store (wearing a mask).
Yesterday, I went to my niece's house in Mableton to wash clothes (no mask, but I had it with me) and got some very nice photos (check my blog, you'll enjoy it I think) and some exercise climbing the hill escaping the skeeters.

I wish you were in discord so I could send you private messages @janton, perhaps I could help with a few things.
Stay well

@janton, I know the missus has let you off your chain since July.
I am now officially worried about you.
(I get that way when I don't hear from my friends for extended periods)
Please tell me that you are alright.
You should join discord so people can contact you in private. (DM=Direct Message)

Thank you very much for your support!

You should claim your reward so your voting power would rise a bit more!!

Hope you are doing very well.

Stay strong and healthy.


Hello cowboy! How are you? Long time, no speak! Mrs. J is ruling your world with an iron hand? ;)

I'm worried too, I just posted my concern in a follow up to a previous comment in this string.
If you hear anything @delishtreats, please let me know.

Howdy Howdy Howdy Martina! Thanks so much for contacting me..I've been so busy the last few weeks that I didn't even get on the Hive. I was remodeling part of the house so my step-daughter and grandson could move in.

They moved down from Ohio to start over in Texas so that is why I've been very much offline for awhile. How are you? I think of you quite often. I was wondering how Switzerland managed with the covid virus, I know Sweden did not shut down and it was very controversial but I think it was the right decision wasn't it?

Did it delay your plans for a restaurant and is that plan still moving forward?

Mrs. J is indeed working me hard and rules my world but with more of a velvet hand. lol.
But things are going great and so many great things are happening in the U.S. that I've never been so excited for the future. So many great things happening all over the world actually, it's such an exciting time to be alive.

Thanks so much for getting in touch with me. I will drop by your blog when I can. I should have more time in the winter, right now I've been getting on Hive about once a week to check comments and replies. Except for the last few weeks. lol. Take care and God bless you!