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RE: Diamond Princess Infection Control Procedures 'Completely Chaotic' - Infection Control Specialist Overridden by Bureaucrats

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I figure the princess is gonna be a new catalyst for this thing to blow up again, in Japan but also probably elsewhere.

There are over 200 canadians on that boat who are "not sick", and who are gonna go to Canada on Friday. They will likely spread this thing because no one in the health community nor govt is taking this thing seriously.

All the talk about COVID19 is about, "dont panic", "no worse than the flu".

Yet the data tells a different story.

Educate yourselves people and get prepared. If in 30 days its over then you'll have prepared for nothing but better that then the alternative.

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The old adage 'Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.', remains as true as it always was.