What a Great Time to Be an Independent (or The Weirdest Election I Have Ever Seen)

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What a great time to be an Independent.

Election lawsuits have now been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

Regardless of if one is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, etc., this is very interesting stuff.


Where does it go from here?
It appears the courts and state legislatures will get involved.

The scariest part of all of this might be how the mainstream news is responding (which is no surprise).

My "left" and "right" friends are all telling me they want an honest election, no matter who wins.

Many people are disgusted by how more than one mainstream news platform has now cut away from the President or his staff while they discussed potential fraud within the election because the statements did not have "a scintilla of evidence."

Since when has this stopped the mainstream news?

Very odd.

May the country come closer together over this... eventually.

It seems at least big tech and mainstream social media have exposed themselves as extremely Orwellian. Perhaps this leads to positive change once the dust settles.

In the meantime I am observing and trying to use this as an opportunity to learn. I want to stay objective. I want to understand more about the psychology here. The heart and mind, the fight or flight, something of this nature seems to be currently triggered or played.

With much respect and curiosity,


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