So Who Were You In Your Past Life?

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“Do you want to find out who you were in your past lives?” My friend asked me.

Being a decidedly undecided person, I have not yet decided exactly what I believe. I juggle various metaphysical theories, one of which happens to be reincarnation. Either way, would not most of us have difficulty resisting the mysterious allure of a medium that is going to somehow convince your very own unconscious mind to tell you what secrets it has hidden?

What could possibly go wrong? Being not only an undecided person, but also a very anxious person, of course I had an answer to that question.


But no matter. I went to my friend’s house that bright and chilly morning. I chatted with her a bit in the dimly lit dining room, which under different circumstances looked cozy, but in that mood it just looked gloomy. I was having some doubts. Maybe some stuff we just aren’t meant to know? Maybe some stones should be left unturned?

There was no time for any more doubts though. The man arrived. There was something eccentric about his face. There was some slight malformation of his jaw. His speech was pleasant but there was something about him that he held back—something that remained unspoken in his gaze. And he did gaze at me immediately with a slightly odd look, but he smiled, letting the look wash away. Theatrics, or was he ordaining something freaky? I couldn’t be sure.

Like most people, there are two sides to my personality, and they argue constantly, and it is exhausting. Side one is all free and happy and joyful. The response is something like: Of course this is legit! Spirituality is complicated and mysterious, and we must spend time uncovering the mysteries we are meant for. Then there is the other side, who is chronically skeptical, blunt, and often rude: Bullshit. It’s all bullshit. We are all just full of shit—bullshit, to be exact.

But given the sort of intense atmosphere, neither side was winning. There was just a blankness in my mind, with a bit of nerves.

My kindly friend allowed me to go first while she entertained my children, and so I was led into her living room where I settled into her couch. The man began to do a fair amount of talking, and my eyes settled on the bright electric lights of the clock on the TV stand. The rest of the room was in shadow.

“What is the first color that comes to mind?” He asked. Purple. And so I was instructed to close my eyes and visualize a purple room—purple floor, purple walls, purple ceiling. I was to visualize walking into this room, and from there go to a mirror. It was around this time that things started to get weird.

My eyes, closed behind my lids, felt like they were jerking. It felt as though they were rattling around so much that it was difficult to keep them closed. They began to feel hot and burning with a powerful need to cry. It should be noted here that I do not cry in front of strangers. Actually, I do not cry in front of people I know if it can be avoided, and it almost always is. Crying in front of people is weird, but hell, it was beginning to seem inevitable. This was rather odd, since I had not felt sad in the least until he started with the purple room.

And so he asked me what reflection I saw in the mirror. There was a woman that was difficult to make out with accuracy. Her image was a bit blurry, and all of her could not be gazed upon at the same time as one would from a distance. She had long grey hair and a long grey dress. She looked a bit older than me, and she was spinning. It was a pleasant sort of spinning, and fairly rapid.

He asked why I was upset, or rather, why she was upset. I looked at her hands and she was holding an oblong rock shaped like a baby, which was flashing back and forth between being a swaddled baby and simply being a baby shaped rock. As he questioned more and more it became more evident that the baby was gone. He continued to fish for information. What happened to the baby? All I could say, doing my best not to outright sob, was that she did not seem to know. Something had happened that was out of her hands, or she did not understand. He requested that I move forward in time, but then all I saw was stars.

Since purple was clearly not quite a happy color, we moved on. He asked me to think of the first color I associated with a particular question he asked. Green.

The same deal; a green room. This time there was no eye jerking, no crying, and no sadness at all. In the mirror was a man. This was a bit intriguing because on no level have I ever associated myself with masculinity, but there he was. A thin frame. The clothes were difficult to make out but were very basic looking, and didn’t exactly look modern. He had a pleasant disposition to him, but he was focused. Moving forward in time, he was sitting at a desk, writing. The room was barren and clearly not what belonged to a wealthy person, but there he was happily writing.

And then the time was up.

Sunny Day.jpg

He told me to take my time settling back into the present moment. He walked me to the kitchen where I looked out the window at the green leaves and the birds going about their business. He said I would feel foggy, and I did. For the next hour I felt like I was operating on auto pilot—functional and aware, but a bit distant.

And now I have had time to digest it all, and the two sides of me are in a terrible fight. It was so intense! shouts one side. You just made it all up. You’re a writer, for god’s sake, of course you just made it all up! shouts the other. But the eyes—that intense emotion. Where did that come from? continues the first side. Who the hell knows, the other scoffs.

I don’t know. I suppose I never will.


Obviously no recording on phone or tape during your past lives experience @ginnyannette. It is really weird to go through something like you did and then make sense of it afterwards. I have read that we can have lots of incarnated lives and not always on Earth. It is such an unknown and so much to process. Really enjoyed your story. Thank you.

Yeah, no recording as it was not true hypnosis. It was "self-guided", so I was alert throughout, sort of like meditation. I enjoyed the book Many Lives, Many Masters, and it makes perfect sense to me. Energy works in a loop. But I think just the theory of it all is enough for me to know. I'm satisfied now.

I believe that when we are ready to learn more we will at the right time. I also believe that going slowly is the best so we can take time to process. Brian Weiss is a great author and have this book on my shelf, I really enjoyed it too.

I absolutely agree. When the time is right, more knowledge will come.

I absolutely
Agree. When the time is right,
More knowledge will come.

                 - ginnyannette

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I haven’t decided on what to think about your post yet....
excellent read as always @ginnyannette

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I had this experience a few months ago, and have been processing it lately so I decided to write about it. After a few months, I am still undecided. Thanks for reading.

Hey there rockstar...I got your email and will respond...Just been busy competing at the State Titles...I'll get to it as always.nI have Monday and Tuesday off work so probably Monday.. Hope all is well.

No worries. My emails are ramblings about my rambling around. Nothing pressing :)

Enjoyable ramblings though. 😉

Ooooo. What to believe what to believe!

I find myself in as similar position to you, I am quite cynical and unbelieving at things but sometimes... Well, you just never know!

I am aware of the fact that I have a very active imagination (and I imagine you do too), so we have to balance that out with skepticism. It is very likely that I just made it up as I went. The weird emotions though...sigh. The fight continues.

So.. who were you in the past? Both man and woman you saw are yourself in the present, I guess. The way you describe things always amazed me.. with my limited english..I can read and understand it.

I was joining a hypnoteraphy something few years ago.. when the mentor asked me to imagine something.. I failed, some pages of my favourite comic books shows up...and Im out!

Lol! If I had told the man I saw comic book images for my past lives I'm sure that would have made for a very awkward but amusing remainder of the session.

So, the man and woman were two separate people I was in past lives. I have difficulty imagining myself in the man role, but of course I wasn't actually me is all difficult to wrap the head around :)

Aahh.. so just like that?
Anyway.."the past live" that mean you believe that you're reborn or reincarnate?

Yes, reincarnated. I don't know that I believe in it, but I am open minded, and the whole experience was pretty interesting. Whether my mind just invented it all, I don't know, but if it did then at least I came up with an interesting story :)

Absolutely 100% strikes! Another stories to write ..hahaha😂 it's a nice experience. I don't think I can join any type of hypnosis or whatever it is.. my mind is full with everything I read, I remember abd it all mixed up. I even wrote stories in my dream..but unable to write a good one in reality😂

Howdy ginnyannette! So the two people that you imagined or saw were supposed to be who you were in past lives? At least one was a writer! So would you like to do that exercise again?

Yes, I was looking into the mirror in the colored room for the purpose of seeing my past lives. I don't know if I would want to do it again. I have mixed feelings. Even if it is total hogwash, it was an interesting experience...but, I don't know, somethings are just meant to be unknown.

Yes I agree about some things need to be unknown. How do you know it wasn't just your imagination that was seeing things? This wasn't hypnosis?

I don't know. It was "self-guided", so not true hypnosis. But it was a decidedly odd experience, that's for certain.

I was thinking some of it could have been your imagination because you have such a fantastic one! lol. Which we all get to enjoy through your writings. But personally that thing, that experience, would make me not want to do it again!

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