Visiting Corozal

in #life2 months ago

I very rarely leave my town, just ocassionally to visit my mother who lives about 120 Kms away. But sometimes I do go to a few of the local and close places that offer some fun to at least for a day change our views. The other day I went to a place called Corozal, it is about 12 Kms from town and when you get there it is like going into another world. First of all it is mostly inhabited by descendants of Africans who arrived here after the boat they were on capsized and they were able to make it here. These guys were never slaves and were always their own selves, they had and have their own culture, their own language and their own lifestyle.

They mostly make a living off of fishing and some agriculture also hunting and foraging for fruits or vegetables like yucca, malanga, yam which they also cultivate. They lead quite a healthy lifestyle, and use coconut oil a lot for their cooking. They have their own liquor which is a mixture of rum with herbs and roots, I never liked it but they say a small drink a day keeps the doctor away, like an apple only this also gets your spirits up.

There are a lot of Garifuna, as they call themselves, towns all over the north coast, and they are all nice places, I dare say the best beaches in Honduras are in these towns. The food is good and there are a lot of restaurants in every town, the specialty of course is seafood and certain autoctonal meals that are these people's daily fares. The towns are very clean and crime is a rarity at the most a common thief but they are usually easily caught.

I went to Corozal last week on an errand and took some pictures of a part of the beach, not the best part but I am putting them here for you to see, but remember if you ever come to Honduras make sure you visit one of the Garifuna towns, you will not be disappointed.