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Hello to all my fellow bloggers and writers! After a long time not being active posting a detailed write-up, I am here again reluctant to share an interesting topic to discuss with my fellow awesome peepz.

I just recently seen how Mother Nature can be a bad a*ss when she retaliated back because we slowly exhaust the natural resources.

The Immense Budget That Should've Been Distributed For Self Preservation

I came up realizing that what if the huge amount of budget for NASA and Space Research intended for significant discoveries outside the Earth's atmosphere and beyond was actually shared for food and equal opportunities to establish livelihood to its fellowmen? It could've been more useful for the humanity instead of looking for other planets that has probably life in it.

What if these scientists have already found one, or even more? The senior scientists just wanna prolong the search so that they would keep lure the people to hope that we are in the verge of the greatest discovery of all time for them to gain more finances from the government?

I hate to admit to everyone that I do not believe that there are really an ongoing space exploration after the rockets are being launched from the ground to the space. The videos and images as signal being transmitted back at us can now be generated because of the modern technology we do have such as what we see in the high-caliber movies. It is not impossible to create a good one for the audience to get bewildered and have us all amazed.

The only reason I can think of looking for other habitable place out there in space is to escape from Earth when time comes that it is no longer safe living here.

Why not strengthen the campaigns to take care of mother Earth for us to prolong the time living here. Though natural calamities are inevitable, let these Billions of Dollars that are designated to those explorations be equally distributed to the ones who really needing it the most.

To date writing this article, there is a tension ongoing with Iran and the United States. Probably Russia and China would intervene as well as the European Union. Then there would be a major catastrophe if ever these superpowers are not going to be suppressed or prevented.

At the moment, The Taal Volcano has already erupted and it marked a historical phenomenon that will surely be remembered all-time. I was a a witness of how thick the sands were poured from the skies to the grounds.

Let's all just focus on what matters most. Taking care of our jobs, making ourselves productive and reaching out our goals to be successful in what we do should always be our main objectives. We must let our families intact and get proper attention by really taking care and love them with all our hearts.

There Is Hope

I am really thankful that the cure for HIV/AIDS has already been discovered and tested. Along with this human triumph, the EBOLA virus cure was also discovered. It only means that there is hope for a lot of people who are suffering from these diseases. I am also astounded that the cures for other major diseases are also being discovered with both options of its gonna be a natural cure through organic medication and food supplements. The other option is through the vigilant medical breakthroughs done by the professionals.

By the numbers, if we will all be aware that we should really act now in preserving the natural resources and making ourselves be a responsible person then this world will STILL be a better place to live in instead of looking for other other places out there for us to dwell in the future.

Let's act now and be a great example if you think you are a good influencer on any social media platform.

Thank you so much for reading this far and let me also know your thoughts. There is no way we could afford to be in the top 1% of the total population of the Earth lucky enough to be included to migrate to a different Earth-like planet. How can we take care and just appreciate what we have right now?

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Photo credits to this YouTube Video which sparked this concern I needed to share.


This is us, human. We will evolve but not at all in good action also. Yeah it's better to live our life while we still live. We don't know what will happen later anyway.

But it's good that we can still plan for our future in a realistic way. I agree with you that we are just humans and our undying hope is the thing that drives us to live our lives everyday. Thanks for dropping by.

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