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So I watched Cowspiracy today and all I can say is, wow. This informative documentary really laid out the vast amounts of resources necessary to turn cattle into hamburgers. The damage to our ecosystem was noted, as well as the clear-cutting of the Amazon rain forest. What really stood out for me was the amount of feed consumed and how people in developing countries are going hungry while we fatten beasts for the slaughter.

From there, I viewed a YouTube video about a man who converted to a vegan lifestyle for thirty days. Now, I come from a family where both parents grew up on farms. Dad in Texas, Mom in South Carolina. Long a meat-eater, from time to time I've tried the odd veggie burger. The issue was that they could never duplicate the texture and more importantly, the taste of a real hamburger.

Based on what I've already had, they've got a little ways to go in order to reach that goal. It was almost as if they took shredded cardboard, added all the fixins and stuffed it into a bun. They were so nasty, you wanted to claw your mouth clean out of your skull in order to remove the undead-sphincter-like aftertaste. Even so, I'd like to do my part, even if it means just folding something vegan into my diet once in awhile.

It's clear that current trends are unsustainable. There simply isn't enough sutible land to supply everyone on Earth with the amount of meat the average American consumes each year. Not to mention what beef production does to the animals themselves and our environment. So I see the development of these faux-burgers as one step in the path forward.

I've heard about the Impossible Whopper being sold at Burger King. I don't know if any of you have had one, but I'm willing to give it a try. Reports say they've gotten around the strange taste of burgers past, and that this one actually tastes good. Have you tried it? if so, what did you think? Are you ready to add Impossible meat to your meal plan?

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I completely understand and share your desire for healthier people and a healthy environment. My most recent post was a recipe for veggie chili. I haven’t eaten beef for over 6 months. I had to come up with a way to still enjoy chili (as well as the burritos and taco salads I put the chili in). I used to make it with beef, but the veggie alternative is great.

I’m living in Mexico, but I am from the States. I grew up in hunting, farming, meat eating families.

I completely agree that many Americans have very unhealthy diets, eat way too much meat and especially factory farmed meat. I agree that this causes horrendous suffering for the animals and poor health for the people.

With all that said, please watch this if you can find the time.

Good old Woodward TV, I hadn't watched him in ages! Found his channel when he was first starting out, then lost track. Thanks for the reminder.

Yes, I wondered about the soy as well when I watched the movie. It all points to doing our due diligence, which is why I didn't jump right on the bandwagon.

Some people here wonder why I read labels at the supermarket... :)

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