HOPE for the New Year

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As the clock wound down at the end of the night, I awaited the first big boom. Our city usually fires a huge cannon from the top of the hill to ring in the new year, but not this time. Scattered sounds of illicit fireworks filled the air instead, and somehow it all seemed a fitting way to enter the new decade. (which actually doesn't begin until January 1, 2021, but I digress...).

Getting it done

We didn't need "the man" to turn the page for us, we did it ourselves, and that's exactly how I feel about Steemit and life itself. I have this unbridled feeling of positivity that 2020 will be when it begins. With the advent of communities, we'll start to take control of our future here with the real possibility of growth on the trail in front of us.

I don't know exactly where this awareness came from, but it began building in the last half of 2019 and has only grown since then.

Don't you feel it too?

It's not just about crypto either, but a general vibe that a corner has been turned, a weight lifted at the fist twinklings of a new dawn. Kinda like when I first learned to ride a bike. Thinking I'd never get rid of those training wheels, every time I took them off, the thing would crash into something or other. Falling over and over, but having the mind to get up to try again. Everyone was watching me in attempt after attempt. Progress was so infinitesimal, but looking back I could see that something which kept me coming back for more.

Then, things began to click.

Pumping my pedals, I went farther each time before falling and started getting the hang of remaining upright. I'd make it to the corner, then halfway around the block, then ALL THE WAY around the block to the cheers of everyone I passed. In the rush off excitement, with the wind whipping at my face, I realized I'd done it! That's how I feel right now. So let's pack our bags and haul ass in 2020. As Taylor Swift once said: "are you ready for it?" Hell yeah! Let the games begin!

Thank You!

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