Happiness is a process.

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Happiness is not a thing or place but a stage of mind that gets into shape through the process of looking beyond the imperfections.
Happiness may not signal the end of worries, but it does herald a maturity that allows the individual to move away from negativity towards positivity.


Perfection in one's life will not translate to happiness because, it takes much more than material things and the feelings they give to stay happy.

If you are happy, the world around you will come alive and darkness will be pushed aside.

Don't dwell on the things you cannot get if you aim to be happy. Dwell, on the things you have and stay thankful because that there is what will ignite the happiness fire in you.

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Lovely one boss.
Happiness does not come from material things. Something that a lot of us still fail to neglect even when we know that.
The world's ideology of contentment resulting in happiness has eaten deep into our mentality and we all struggle to get wealthy.

Thanks for stopping by.

We need a mindset shift that will help us place the desire to be happy first over material possessions.
Many chase the silver and gold only to end up committing suicide because, the blings could not make life worth more than its worthlessness.

Stay Awesome!

True words boss.
Thank you.

This is very key. Happiness indeed comes from within. It's a personal decision to be and to stay happy. It does not matter what circumstances might be communicating to us. I therefore choose to be happy.

Thanks so much for this key aspect of life. I really needed to be reminded of it in such a time as this.

The decision to possess material things even at a remarkable price which also is detrimental to our souls is the very first most people give their attention to.

Happiness is inbuilt and follow a process when we choose to embrace it irrespective of the monsters chasing us.

Stay Awesome!