Don't wait, get started already.

in life •  2 months ago 

"Good things no longer come to those who wait, it meets those who make a move towards where the goodies are."- ☺

In a world where the scope of winning successfully is hinged on getting started early and surely, those who wait will wait in vain for the goodies they seek.


Get out and get started already. The process of getting by is not as easy as it used to be a decade ago.
You must be ready to walk out of your comfort zone into one that is really uncomfortable, unfamiliar and harsh.

All good things comes to those who embark on the journey to greatness.
If you are not taking a walk towards the goal you desire, someone else will score one past you.

Getting started early and surely has its perk. Although it isn't guaranteed that you will get to the goal fast because you started already, you do have the universe cheering you on because you made a move.

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