its the quiet ones u gottta watch out for apparently

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LOL!!! ya'll think you seen riots. wait till the stoners cant
get any weed cos all the borders are closed....
THEN the shit goona hit that thurr fan right thurr.

oh yeah, right thurrrr.....
im sure i had something more witty to say, but im just sitting here in some hazy bubbe, trying to catch up the last 30 years of my life. where did it go wrong? :P

onthe plus side, im in housing currently, and the worker here is for a local charity organisation. #notforprofit. i overheard he was on call to another client the other day, got me pondering, as a ponder-pony doth.
so i raised it with him, as best my poor communication skills do at times. basic gist was, i have stuff in storage, it costs me too much. i also have too much space in it as ... long story, another time )
so to cut to the ponderance.
them being a nfp, this being a great place for 'ideas to take off' was pondering to get them a storage shed, that the storage company would give them at a cut rate, to which i would attempt to fund on here, by taking pics of the crap i want to sell ( i have tooooooo much crap i dont need but is too good for landfill ( hence i have it in the first place ) and thence, at $2 a post a day, the $150/m fee could be raised.

not sure if uve caught it from the past few posts or not, but im a 'wanna change the world' kid
alas, i also social anxiety, so im trapped here behind the kb ( 3 in fact ) sooo many devices.
i can only imagine what my RF metering fieldy things would be in here. lol. 2 ft from a computer/s ( 3 ) and a 5g wifi modem 2 ft behind. tbh id have more room ( plus a roommate though, so there IS that small luxury i guess - and a door for the loo ) - in prison
AND i wouldnt have to clean a bloody kitchen cos someone else'd have that role ( cleaner ) and another (cook) and a 3rd ( uder eats guy ) XD

gah, i need to stop smiling so much at the dark of life. how to be thine dainty flower whence take pleasure in the 'bindies' ?


to me they look like little itty bitty carrot tops XD
'dr finds traces of blood in your alcohol system' - yeah, that, but of bindi = mylawn
well, dry patches of root pushthrough from the gigantic gum ( that i fell outta) ((crap, that i still didnt take pics of to show the ooohch)) (((i caught thegrazed bit of my outer hoof on SOMETHING the other day, bent the scab up about 30%. ooh the howl)))

such digression.
trots off daintily

did i add these last time and thence the major difference in oohness? #ocd #steemleo