Life After Success

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Success stories are always interesting to listen to when they come from someone who made it right from the bottom. Starters in life grab inspiration and motivation from such stories when told. But there's one thing I became curious about, which is life after becoming successful.


We must have heard of how successful people who made it from nowhere talked about how they made it, how some people didn't want to help them, how they disgraced and snubbed all because they were broke.

Like Kendrick Lamar said in his music "it's so hard to be humble". My question is, Do successful people get drowned in pride after making it from scratch?

I, personally have seen a whole lot of people who became so proud and arrogant about their success. But I wouldn't want to agree that everybody who made it from the bottom would do the same.

But won't one be tempted to show off when you finally get to meet with those who embarrassed and snubbed you when you had nothing? I guess everyone will.

It takes a whole lot to stay low-key and be humble after achieving success. I believe it is something we all must work on ourselves personally.


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