Don't Waste Anything

in #life2 years ago

As humans we spend most of our times on earth wasting very important things. These things might not seem to be important to some but they are very precious.

Some of these precious things been wasted are time, opportunity, words, food etc. These things been wasted cannot be recovered, yet we tend to waste them unknowingly most times.

Time is everything, it doesn't wait for anyone. Once gone can never be regained. It is the most precious things in life. Many people waste time on irrelevant things and May sometims regret over it.

Opportunity is another thing people waste mostly. Although, opportunity works hand in hand with time. It comes at the right time and varnishes forever. So make good use of your opportunities when you see them.

People also waste words talking bull shit. If what you talking on is taking you forward, then why waste your saliva on it? To be successful, you need not waste words on things that aren't important in life.

Food is the fuel of humans, yet most people tend to waste it a lot because they have excess of it. Why waste your food at home when people are out there begin for food? If you know your food is gonna waste, go out there and feed a mouth.

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Waste no time and be in the moment! Have a good day - today is the present!