Overcoming Grief

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Exactly two weeks and four days ago I lost someone who mean more than the world to me, my gist partner, my close companion, my fight buddy, my father and it hurts, everything reminds me of him, his favorite songs, his dance steps, his jokes, soothing words, the only person have known all my life who doesn't chastise rather correct in love.

It's been long excruciating days without him and I wish I could turn back the hand of time to appreciate him more, savor the moments he spent with us and magically make him stay with me forever. Our bond will never be broken, our love will never go sour and he's still my choice of a father even in afterlife.

Day and night I cry myself to sleep, long to see him again, his death made me lose purpose to life, motivation to doing anything and my strong will to being a better person dwindled. Some days back a friend took it as a mission to helping me find myself, crawl out of my shell and get back to writing and doing other stuffs that would take my mind off wallowing in sorrow and get to being more creative and that's when I met @desmonddesk who took tutorials on creating logos. He took people through the basics and told us to experiment and I did. Came up with a design for my dad's company name which he never really had time to build and I made this.

Over the days I started improving and once a while when I'm not taking care of my mom and brother and I realize sorrow is finding its way to me I get busy designing logos and come up with whatever designs that comes to mind. Everyone has diverse means of coping and overcoming grief, some don't even handle it well, with time the grief eats them up and they become a shell of who they used to be, but my coping strategy is creating logos and animations to promoting businesses although I do it to keep me busy for now.

Whatever grief you're passing through don't let it detach you from being a better person, yes it's okay to grief but don't wallow in it, get back on your feet, stronger than you've ever been and know that Joy cometh in the morning. Life comes in phases and each phase will pass and open to a new chapter, one with incomparable joy which will be nothing compared to the grief.

 Live each moment to the fullest 

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