They Went After The Digital Soldiers 10.15.2020

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So the digital soldiers that put up videos on Youtube concerning the 17th letter of the alphabet have been taken down. I noticed it this morning when I seen not only the videos wiped out, but the whole channel accounts have been terminated.

High tech is going against the digital soldiers, but the 17th letter of the alphabet has been warning us that this day would come. We were to set up alternative accounts, if a main account was brought down.

I am finding them on Bitchute and other platforms, they are still on the digital battle field putting out information as they have been doing. The 17th letter of the alphabet told us to archive offline.

We were to use alternative accounts when it gets really hot. So what happened? Well, when all the new information that came out about Hunter Biden, and Benghazi, and Seal Team 6, I guess the high tech owners did their thing to try to bring down the digital soldiers, but they are still here and they are using their alternative accounts.

There may even come a time when they shut down the whole internet, if that is possible, but President Trump has been communicating with the digital soldiers and letting them know that he acknowledges them in his speeches in code of course. You would have to follow the 17th letter of the alphabet to know what I am talking about.

Remember that Google owns Youtube. Ever look at the Google symbol? Really look at it. Can you see sixes? Don't you see three of them? That is right Google represents 666. Even the 17th letter of the alphabet let us know that symbolism will be their down fall. I think if they can censor truth then they can be taken down eventually.

Facebook and Twitter are going after the digital soldiers also. It is the digital war on information and the waking up of them that are not yet awake. It is OK, since we knew this day would come.

We are not to leave the digital battle field, if one falls then another will take his place. The drops will get even hotter as we get closer to election day. It had to be this way as you cannot just tell the people, they must be shown.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6.

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