The Death Rates Of Coronavirus Is Going Down 7.10.2020

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Well, I know the COVID numbers are not even right as if you did die with the COVID in your body then they would count you as a COVID death, even if COVID was not the cause of the death, but was in the body at the time of the death.

Of course I don't like that way of counting. It is almost like having a dog and if the dog dies with any or even a flea in its fur then the death of the dog would be counted as a death because of fleas or a flea.

Well, I never knew a dog without at least one flea. So if a dog did die of something else, but there was fleas on the body of the dog at the time of death of that dog's death, it would be counted as a flea death. See how crazy that sounds.

You mean that if a man falls off of a cliff and if that body had any coronavirus in it at the time of death, then that death would be counted as a coronavirus death? A virus with an almost 99 percent chance of recovering from?

You see certain governors tried to keep putting COVID patients into nursing homes as the elderly had a hard time recovering of the COVID.

So since some of the governors did that to the nursing homes, then people did die.

I wonder if these governors would be in court trials and would be found guilty of murder? Well, it sounds like they did murder and they did that premeditatedly.

It is just that if you have to put people already infected with COVID into a nursing home, knowing that elderly people will die from this virus, then that is premeditated murder.

And why would they even want to do that? Well, they needed chaos as they want their order out of chaos as they are deep state.

The thing is that, the people know what certain of those governors did and they cannot do the same as the people are watching.

So what was the goal? Well, they need this coronavirus event to keep on going as they are hoping to keep this crisis going until the election November 3, 2020. This way they can do the 100% mail in ballots as that is a way that the deep state can cheat and get President Trump out of office.

The deep state need Trump out of the White House as President Trump is messing up the coming of their new world order. President Trump is making the deep state very nervous.

Well, even with their weird counting of COVID deaths, the death rate is going down. I don't think the deep state will have a case for their want of a 100% mail in ballot come election time.

Let's end with a scripture, When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Proverbs 29:2.

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