So Another Year Has Gone By 1.2.2021

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What a year 2020 was. Pelosi was even wearing toilet paper earrings. I guess cause at one point getting toilet paper in 2020 wasn't that easy.

Well, until I talked to a checkout clerk who asked me if I found everything I wanted. At that time I told her I wanted to get some toilet paper and she told me that they get toilet paper every morning and told me to get to the store at 7 AM and there would be toilet paper.

Well, that was some useful information at the time. But why would Pelosi want to wear toilet paper earrings? Was she giving out a message in code?

This is the same Pelosi that didn't want to have a stand alone bill to help out the working class cause of this coronavirus event. I like to call it an event cause it was a set up. This is how the deep state will cause you to stay in your homes from this virus that has a 99.9 percent survival rate in most age groups.

Well, anyway Pelosi wanted to fund programs all around the world, but what about citizens of the US? Well, she didn't even want to give the people anything at all at first.

So why did she want to fund all those other programs? Well, it might be a way to get some kickbacks. People don't send tax payer money to the rest of the world for nothing.

Ok, so maybe I am just ranting, well, while I am ranting, what about the election where they steal? The main stream propaganda machine will say, there was no fraud, it was the cleanest election in the history of America. Really?

The watchers were told they will stop counting and when they leave, other ballots are being brought out from under the table and those ballots are counted. Sounds like there is some cheating going on.

Then on live TV you can see amounts of Trump votes get switched to Biden. Doesn't that sound like cheating?

How about Dominion getting millions of dollars before the election. What was that money for?

Well, this year we can right the wrongs, if the people have the courage to do that which is right. Let's see if on April 1st, 2021 who is actually the president of the United States. I think it will be Donald J. Trump.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. John 7:24.

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