Silver Went Up 8% Today 8.6.2020

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So silver went up today. 8 percent up. Wow. It closed up to $29.07. Well, I just bought a little silver over the internet a few days ago. Well, Q said that gold will destroy the Fed. That would be the Federal Reserve, our central bank. Our central bank is what has been destroying our dollar since they came about in 1913.

Well, if the Fed is going to get destroyed then the petro dollar will be nothing or close to nothing. Gregory Mannarino said today that silver is the most undervalued asset out there.

Well, we all know that gold is good and if it will destroy the Fed then what about silver? Now I am no expert, so do study that matter of silver being an undervalued asset for yourself, as that is what we are to do.

So as for me I am not a rich guy, but I will buy a little here and a little there when it comes to silver. Silver to me is like the poor man's gold. Now if one knew that our petro dollar was going down then even cryptos can look good.

You see from what I get from Q, and I am no Q expert by any means, but there is mention of a gold back dollar coming. Can you imagine a gold backed dollar and not a reserve debt note? Real money against debt. I will take the real money any day.

Well, the deep state have their own problems as Ghislaine Maxwell has back up video and audio of famous elites doing very bad things to children. Who knows what is going to happen. People get sent to Gitmo? People going to military tribunals and people getting executed for doing very bad things to children.

Then there was that Executive Order of Trump that takes away property from people doing serious human right abuse and corruption. It is called, Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption signed 12.21.2017.

So how many bankers have done those very bad things to children? I don't know, but I know that Ghislaine Maxwell have video and audio. So I hope that she stays well, now, during and after the trials. I think there will be multiple of multiples of trials. People can say that they didn't go to the island, but there are the flight logs and there are the video and audio. I guess there money will go into the Treasury.

Q said that if you knew what they did you could not sleep. Well, I heard a little bit about Hillary and Huma and a young girl concerning Frazzledrip. It is very hard to even think about it. Even hardened police officers threw up when they watch that video of the horrible things done to that child.

OK, there time will come in due time.

So back to silver, it is up and I kind of wanted it down more so I could get it at a cheaper price, but it is still at a good price right now.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, The words of the LORD pure words: silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Psalm 12:6.

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