My 93 Honda Accord Just Released From The Tow Yard 12.21.2020

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My brother came over to my house with our mom and we went to the Oakley Police as I needed to get my stolen car released. I brought a little gas and a funnel and papers that prove that the 93 Honda Accord was mine. The drive would take about an hour or so to get there.

At the police station their I did bring my pink slip, insurance policy and my DMV bill. Well, I didn't really know what they wanted so maybe I did a little overkill. They just wanted to know my license plate number. I just took out my DMV bill and read it out to her over the bullet proof glass.

She wanted my ID, I gave my drivers license and she photo copied it with the vehicle release. So I had to sign something and date it and I was handed the vehicle release that was to then be given to the tow yard that is holding my car.

After getting the vehicle release, my brother and mom wanted to go to the restroom. Well, I used my cell phone to find a department store. I asked my brother would he rather go to a Walmart or Target? So my brother wanted to go to Walmart in Antioch. Antioch is the next city where the tow yard was. I just punch in the address of the Walmart in my GPS and we went there.

After that we went to look for the tow yard where my 93 Honda Accord was being held at. We finally found it. We had to park faraway from it as there were no places to park. So I took my papers and walked into the tow yard.

As I was walking in I could see my car. It looked a bit different then when I last saw it. No license plates and the hood was unlatched. Then I went into the office, but the girl was helping someone else.

So I went outside as we are to social distance and you couldn't really do it in their customer section. So I went outside to wait for the customer to finish his business. So I went outside to look at my car again.

Passenger window was down a little. I looked inside and seen some of the stuff that was in my trunk in the car. I noticed my plates were inside the car. I notice that my car stereo faceplate was found. I knew that if the guy that stole my car found the stereo faceplate, the first thing he would hear was the Bible and he maybe hearing the words of Jesus.

I seen that the mp3 CD with the books of the Bible from Matthew to Acts was on the floor of my car. Well, the guy that stole my car least got to hear a few words of scripture, before possibly the demons inside got into a rage and the audio of Matthew through Acts was rejected and may have been thrown on the floor of the car.

Well, I thought the customer my be done and he was as I walked up the office, he was leaving the office. So I told the girl I was here to pick up the 93 Honda Accord and I pulled out my vehicle release I got from the Oakley Police.

She told me that the fee was $355. I told her that a Melissa told me that it would be $295 on Monday. Well, the lady told me that Melissa was new and that she made a mistake in calculating the full cost. So today it would be $355 to get my car back.

I paid it with my card. She asked me if I needed it towed out and I told her it was in a place where I could drive it out of there. I thought I could drive it out of there. My key wouldn't fit. Well the guy that stole my car, jammed something into the keyhole and also, the battery seemed to be dead.

I checked out other things in the car and even looked under the hood. The battery was still there. I explored my car more.

Inside the car was my jumper cables, that was inside my trunk before.

I also seen that the guy that stole my car pried open my glove box. Well, the glove box locked up on its own with 2 GPS's inside and some of my car registrations from years gone by. I also had another GPS in the car that was not in the glove box. They were all gone, even my current registration was gone. Well certain things were missing from my car.

I noticed also that my spare tire was missing. My car jack was still in the car trunk.

Well, I found out first hand that I could not start my car. So I went back into the office and told the girl I couldn't start my car and asked her if the tow yard was a AAA tow yard. She said, no. Well, I didn't want any of her company's tow trucks to bring my car home as that would cost a lot of money.

So I asked the girl if I could bring in a AAA tow truck into the yard. She told me that someone can bring it out of the yard so a tow truck can come and pick it up.

So the car was brought out into a parking lot close by where businesses are next to other businesses. I thanked the guy that brought my car out and parked it in a way that the AAA tow truck can get it as you see in the picture.

I stayed with the car as my brother and mom had to go to the restroom again and my brother wanted to get some more gas for his car. When they got back I called the AAA for a tow.

It took 2 hours and 22 minutes and a truck did come. I was told by the AAA girl on the phone that I couldn't ride with the driver. All this COVID nonsense, will we ever get back to normal as this virus has a 99.9 percent survival rate on most age groups?

So the guy with the tow truck says he has to take pictures and I told him that I will try to meet him there, but if not, to just put my car in front of my house. I tell my brother that we should go home now as the tow truck guy still has to take pictures of the car before towing.

So we started home as the drive back will take about an hour, there was a lot of fog this day. I wanted to stop by my brother and mom's house as I wanted to get to use their battery charger. So we did that and we got to my house were the AAA tow truck beat me to my house. He was just letting the car go down.

I brought the batter charger, my papers and the little gas can with the funnel with me as I was being dropped off at my house. I had to let my brother know that there was space for him to go around the tow truck so they could go home.

The tow truck had all these lights that flashed the street where I live. A couple of neighbors came out and notice that my car was coming back. I had told them on Friday that my car was stolen and on Saturday they caught the guy which is in custody now and that my car was in the tow yard, but I couldn't pick it up until Monday as I needed the vehicle release from the Police in Oakley and their records office is only open Monday through Friday.

It was already night time when my car was let off in front of my house and the tow guy took more pictures. I guess to prove that he did tow the car from one place to the other place.

I waved good bye and wished a Merry Christmas to the tow guy as he left.

I checked out the car some more then took out the battery as it needed to be charged and my car would be better without the battery as someone my want to steal the battery.

Well, at least I got my car back. I will have to charge up the battery and still get the car checked out and fixed, but I got my car back, Praise the Lord!

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, with Jesus speaking, I am the vine, ye the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. John 15:5.

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