It Is Starting To Get Cooler 10.9.2020

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During the hot summer time my cat never would sleep on me, maybe cause it is too hot. The nights have been getting cooler and I noticed that my cat was sleeping on me last night.

I guess she will be using me as her heating pad as the nights will get cooler and cooler and then really cold.

It is the way of the season. It is the sun moving in the firmament in its wider circle. I can tell by the way that the sun is coming in at more of an angle.

I was thinking of buying 4 solar panels and grid tie them to the wall socket to see if I can save on electricity. I don't have the money now for that, but it is something that I am looking into.

I received my electric and gas bill yesterday. My electricity is still pretty high. I was using a lot of fans through the summer nights, but not last night. I may not have to use my fans at all after awhile.

That is when I will have to look for ways to heat up the house. I don't like to use my gas furnace anymore as I like to burn wood in my fireplace for heat. The wood for my fireplace I like to get for free from people that advertise to get free wood from their tree that they just cut down or dry wood that they have been keeping, but didn't want to burn.

It is not time for me to wear a jacket yet, but that time will come. When it gets really cold I may wear two or even three jackets. Yes, during times like that, I usually keep my house cold, except near the fireplace.

I still have wood to split, I like to split wood when the climate is cooler. I don't like to split wood when it is hot outside. So I guess it will get cooler soon and then I will split wood.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13.

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Thank you, David.