I Received Mail From Social Security 10.23.2020

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Yes, yesterday I got a letter from Social Security. I thought it might be bad news, but I didn't know what was in it.

So I opened it up and it mentions the date that I signed into their online system and that if I wanted to go online about my situation that there would be more information.

Well, I did think about checking in again to see, it I start getting it in December or not. Well, I thought that I would probably get it in January 2021.

You see while I was in there website some 12 days ago they wanted to know if I wanted to start receiving the money in December this year, or January next year or February next year. Well I would want to get it as soon as I can, so I mentioned that I wanted to start on December of this year.

I really didn't think that I would get it that soon. As I remember watching a video about how you can get your Social Security sometime after your 62nd birthday.

Well, from what I got on the video they take your birthday, they go one day before your birthday, then from there they use that same date on the next month. Now from that date they will start to give the money 40 days after that date.

OK, just in case I made a mistake on that, do go to Social Security and ask them directly for the formula, but what I saw on the video, that seems about right.

So if I run that to the letter it comes out to a certain date in January of 2021. Well in the website that is when I would start to get my first check, delivered straight to my account. So by the video that I seen, it was right on the mark.

They do have a lot of security questions and procedures that must be met to go into the website. I do like all those extra procedures.

So it is official, I do get my first check sent to my account to a certain date in January of 2021, God willing. I will look forward to it.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, If any man or woman that believeth have widows, let them relieve them, and let not the church be charged; that it may relieve them that are widows indeed. 1 Timothy 5:16.

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