I Got My Sample Ballot Yesterday 10.14.2020

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Yes, I received my sample ballot yesterday. Usually they give the polling place for me to vote at on the back cover. You know that polling place address is missing from the back cover. I am thinking they really want the people to vote by mail.

I am over here looking over the sample ballot. No print of where to vote on the back where they usually print out the polling place. Then I go to some websites that say were to go, you just put in your address and they say that they don't have that information at this time.

Wow, it sure does look like they are against the person that wants to vote in person as they are not doing what they usually do. What about the old guy that just wants to vote like he normally does?

Well, nothing surprises me with this governor Newsom, yes the same governor Newsom that forced patients with COVID into the nursing homes, and what did that do? Well, that caused a lot of bedridden nursing home patients to die.

You see most people have an over 99 percent survival rate with this coronavirus, but the old bedridden nursing home patients don't have the immune system as in their youth, so that move of putting patients with COVID was to some of them a death sentence.

So the voting system is rigged and people that don't know and are used to the sample ballots being a certain way, will cause great confusion. Then if you go online and ask for which polling place to go to they will not give you an answer at this time.

So what does one do? Well, they will have to put the instructions in the sample ballot as people will complain. So in my sample ballot if you read the table of contents, read down to voting in person.

So in my sample ballot they give information on page 7, it is interesting that page 7 is actually marked as 068-007. See what they are doing?

Can you imagine if people that are not used to things being this way? They might give up the search.

Now on second to the last page 068-056 are what they call voter service centers. That name voter service centers are the polling places to go to on November 3, 2020. In person voting time is 7am to 8pm. Better to get there early if you want to vote in person.

Of course you can vote by mail and that is the way they want you to vote. When I see postal workers throwing mail away as I guess those that do that are too lazy to deliver the mail, I really don't want to put the ballot in the mail if some Postal Worker wants to throw it away as they are too lazy to deliver it.

Of course postal workers that throw away mail should be fired.

When I vote I will actually bring my mail in ballot with me, just in case someone tells me I already voted. Of course I will have my ID with me and I might even bring my PG&E bill with me to prove that I live where I live.

Remember if the government is willing to kill bedridden people in the nursing homes with COVID patients, then they will do anything and it looks like in this election they will want to create confusion.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, A false balance abomination to the LORD: but a just weight his delight. Proverbs 11:1.

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