I Found Out My Voice Mail Is Full 8.3.2020

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Sometimes I just don't care who calls me on my house phone as mostly it is just salesman or some kind of scam now days.

The friends that I used to have that called me on that phone number are now dead. So only other types of calls call me at that number.

I do have my cell phone and that number I only give to certain people as I don't want the salesmen to call me on my cell phone, but I still get salesman that call on my cell phone. Well, if I don't recognize the number on my cell phone then I just don't answer it, and if it is important they can leave a voice mail.

Yet on the voice mail on my land line was full and nobody could have left a message if they wanted to. I just found that out today and I hardly ever listen to my messages on that phone.

Well, what I did was to listen to 20 different voice mails on my land line and I deleted 20 different voice mails on my land line.

A bunch of voice mails were just a recording of a ringing sound. Well, what kind of message is that?

Then I got a bunch of calls wanting to know if I am willing to sell them my house. Well, I did pay off my mortgage as I borrowed from my life insurance to pay it off. Well, when you pay off your mortgage, then all the vultures come out of the woodwork to try to convince you to sell your house to them, and they say that it doesn't matter if the house needs fixing up or not.

Yes, those are the vultures that will buy the house and give pennies on the dollar as they have to fix it up, and then they will sell it at top dollar price, and where will I go if I sell my house? No thanks, I will just live in my house until I die. It is better that way as I only have to pay house taxes and any house insurance to live in my house. I like it better that way, even though the house needs some of this and some of that in fixing.

Well, that is why I wanted to pay off the mortgage as my insurance company wanted me to fix the roof or they would not renew my insurance. Well, I figured I can live without that insurance until I fix my roof on my own time. Of course if you had a mortgage and the insurance people wanted you to fix the roof and if you didn't do it they would tell the mortgage people and they will put another insurance on the house that costs more money and have less coverage. Best to get out of a mortgage as fast as possible.

So the vultures keep calling and they will continue to keep on calling as that is what they do.

There was a call from what was supposed to be from the Social Security office saying my there is something wrong with my Social Security and that they need me to call them back. I guess that is a scam to get my vital information so that they can steal my identity. Some have fell for such a thing. My advice is to never call them back. I do get mail from Social Security, but not legit phone calls.

Well, I erased 20 voice mails and now my voice mail is 90 percent full. So I will still have to delete more voice mails, but for now at least someone can call and leave a message if they want.

Lets end with a scripture, as it is written, For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little: Isaiah 28:10.

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