How I Save Money On Natural Gas 10.25.2020

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I do have a natural gas forced air floor furnace that has a pilot light. The thing is that I haven't lit that pilot light since 2014. Well in 2014 I bought my 91 Chevy S10. What does that have to do with my forced air floor furnace? Well, since I bought my used 91 Chevy S10, I have used it to get free firewood, from people in the neighborhood that had a pile of wood in the front yard with a sign that says, Free.

Also I study the Craigslist Free Ads for ads that mention free firewood. So the little pickup has been useful for picking up free wood. Some of it in logs, some are cut in smaller pieces and most of it needs to be split. Yes, it may be extra work for some, but it does save me from spending money on my gas forced air floor furnace as I don't use it anymore.

Another thing I do is to put the water heater on vacation mode. So only the pilot light is on. That pilot light being on all the time does heat my water enough for me to get warm water for my one bucket only shower. Well, I seen it on a video where people do use just one bucket of water for their bath/shower use.

Well, that is what I do for what I call a shower, is a bucket full of warm water and with a little bowl I use that to pour water over me, then I soap up, then with the little bowl I will rinse off the soap. I found that I can wash my hair and do that type of a shower using only the water in a 5 gallon bucket of warm water. The warm water coming only from the pilot light.

So the water heater with only the pilot light on will save wear and tear on the water heater and it will use less natural gas with only the pilot light on.

I also have a natural gas clothes dryer. The thing is my gas clothes dryer doesn't work right now. I do have to get it fixed, but not at this time. So what do I do to dry my clothes? Well, I hang my clothes to dry. By hanging my clothes to dry I am saving a lot of money on natural gas.

I do use my gas stove to cook and cooking is where I will use most of my natural gas.

So what do I pay for my natural gas? Well, for that portion of my bill it is roughly about $15 a month, so about $180 a year for natural gas.

I know that might not be comfortable for most this way, but it is what I do, to save money on my natural gas.

Let's end with a scripture, Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord. Ephesians 5:17.

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Thank you, David.