Don't Bring Your Own Bags, Now OK To Bring Your Own The Bags 7.9.2020

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Well, that is the experience I been getting with the stores. When the coronavirus event was really the big narrative then they didn't want you to bring in your own bags and the clerks didn't want to touch your bags, maybe. Who knows?

All I know is that I did bring my own bags as I been doing for a long time now, then all of a sudden they didn't want me to bring my own bags. Then I ask them if I had to pay for these new bags, as they didn't want me to bring my own bags.

Well, they told me that they will give out the bags for free cause of the coronavirus event. So I just started to not bring my own bags. Well, if they were going to give them away for free, then I would take that.

I would still save all the bags they give me as I know they will charge for bags again when this coronavirus event blows over.

Well, sooner than I thought they are quoting me a price that is beyond the sales tax. You see I always calculate the sales tax before I even get to the register.

Then they quote me a higher price then I am expecting. I look at the receipt and they are now charging for bags again.

Well, after that I always make sure to go to the trunk of my car, and lately that is my 89 Nissan Sentra, to get a couple of bags to put in my pocket, as I don't want to pay extra for bags.

So they are flip flopping with the bags, like they flip flopped on wearing the mask.

First they tell you not to wear the mask, then they tell you that you have to wear the mask. Well, what changed?

Even the coronavirus deaths are on the decline.

Let's end with a scripture, The glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings to search out a matter. Proverbs 25:2.

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