A Friend Had Some Citrus Fruit Trees 1.23.2021

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A friend wanted me to come over and pick from some of his citrus trees. Right here is a number 7 container of mandarins. I like mandarins as they are easy to peel and to me is a fun fruit to eat.

I had just finished washing these mandarins. You see if you don't wash them, there would be a certain type of fuzzy growth that will appear on the fruit. Then it will cause the fruit to get rotten.

So it is best to wash the fruit after you have picked them from the tree. So I got me a 5 gallon bucket and put some baking soda in and then added water.

I would sit down next to the bucket with water and baking soda and I would have a scrubbing brush to brush wash the mandarins.

After doing that it makes the fruit look good, just like when you buy them in the store.

So I have been eating a lot of mandarins lately.

I also put some mandarins in a bag and in another bag I put some oranges. Then I went over to my next door neighbors to share with them some of the mandarins and oranges that I picked and washed.

They were not home at the time and I didn't want to go back later so I put a note in the bag of mandarins and mentioned that a friend of mine had citrus trees and wanted me to pick of them and take home as he had more than enough for himself. So it was just a little note mentioning my friend with the trees and how I wanted to share with them of these fruits.

Also I had more than enough for myself. I did give some to my mom and brother, but I thought it would also be nice to share with my next door neighbors. I know they have a lot of kids and when I was a kid I used to like eating mandarins.

Well anyway, the man of the house met with me as I was parking my 91 Chevy S10. He wanted to thank me for the fruits. Well, that was nice of him. I told him I thought the kids might like the mandarins.

I even asked him if he liked lemons. I have another friend that has a lemon tree and that she and her husband don't really use a lot of lemons and she didn't want the lemons to go to waste. So I do go over there and pick of their tree when she invites me to come over and pick of their lemon tree.

I told my neighbor if she calls me back to pick of her tree, I would drop off some lemons at that time.

Let's end with a scripture, as it is written, Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Matthew 10:8.

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