Taking My Mom To Her Kaiser Doctor A Few Days Ago 10.4.2020

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This would be the first time my mom would see her doctor this year. Usually when I take my mom to Kaiser just for her to get her medicine they told me they just wanted the patient in the building.

Well, I guess they are getting less strict as I did get to go in with my mom. A lady asked my mom if she had be coughing or feeling sick today. She didn't ask me, maybe I looked too healthy.

If it was me, I wouldn't even see the doctor as I don't like doctors and would rather doctor myself, with diet and intermittent fasting. I'm already 61 years old and they mail me material, junk mail as I call it to get certain things checked, which will be free, well, I don't want to get into that system, even though I have health insurance, but I have the cheap health insurance with the $2000 deductible. So the first time is free and the next time will cost me a lot of money.

OK, let's get back to my mom. Mom has that white coat syndrome, meaning her blood pressure really goes up when she has to go to the doctor. One good thing about the coronavirus event is that they didn't call my mom into the office until now.

Well, at least the nurse was pretty good. There are some nurses that after they take the blood pressure they say, Oh my, your blood pressure is too high. Well they will only make my moms blood pressure go even higher by saying it that way. I would just take the blood pressure and don't say much and if it was high, just wait awhile and try it again.

Well, this nurse did it that way and I like it that he did do it that way.

After the weigh in and blood pressure tests the nurse walked us into a room.

Then the doctor came in and asked Mom if it was OK, if another doctor came in to observe. I guess that was a new doctor that was training.

That reminds me of the time at work when new people came and a manager would ask me if a new person can plug in behind me and notice how I would talk to and take care of customers and watch my computer screen as I worked. I would do that every once in awhile during my time at the telephone company.

OK, back to Mom. The doctor wanted to do video meetings, but we told her that we would just come in as I didn't want to do anything computer related on my moms account. My mom doesn't have a computer and my brother hates email or anything technical.

So I told her we will just come in to see her. I told her I can make a video of my mom taking her blood pressure and mail in the DVD, but she didn't want that. Mom doesn't like stuff too technical and mom does have to pay a really high price for her health insurance, so we will just have to do things the way we have been doing it, coronavirus event or no coronavirus event.

Well, the doctor did want mom to take a flu shot and a pneumonia shot. My mom doesn't want to take any shots at all. Well, after watching the Bill Gates vaccines in India and parts of Africa where it caused death or sterility, would you want to take that shot? There is an interesting video on Youtube called, I was too easy on Bill. It is put up by reallygraceful.

The doctor asked why, I told her about the time when Dr Oz gave a flu shot to Piers Morgan and he got sick, you can find it on Youtube. I told Mom later on that I would put it on a DVD and she could watch it.

Well, the doctor did change the way she took some of her medicines, but did not change the medicines, but the daily amount. Now we have to come back in a couple of weeks and she will get her blood pressure by the nurse to see if the changes made it better for Mom.

So we do have to come back in two weeks, but we were both happy to get out of there.

Then we did a little grocery shopping for the things that Mom needed.

Let's end with a scripture, Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities. 1 Timothy 5:23.

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