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RE: COCO - emitted to fight emission

in #life3 months ago

Is it on purpose that it says Steem and not Hive? x)


yes - the project was initiated when we all have been on Steem. The CO2Fund project should be an open project for anybody, on Steem and on Hive. The COCO Coin is still traded on steem-engine, so HIVE have to be changed into STEEM first to buy COCO. I know that this is not a nice solution for all of us here on Hive. Anyway all important meta-data (like balances) are on the steem-ENGINE blockchain. I will wait for the ongoing development of steem-engine and hive-engine with one common front end as Aggroed had announced. I guess for all of us here, if one like to support the CO2Fund project, it's not a big deal to convert HIVE to STEEM first with convenient tools like (built in into steempeak and peakd). The only point is that the reference currency is STEEM and not HIVE. So I will monitor the developments. Another option could be a COCO-pegged token on hive-engine, as well as on other chains - but there are legal difficulties to realize these pegged token swaps by the association itself.

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