My Antifit Report Update: I Still Cannot Walk But My Joints Have Some Improvement

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I am both happy and sad with my bone and joint condition right now, I still cannot walk unlike before where at least I can cover some good distance in the house but now that my feet hurts really when I use them it is just impossible ad I am deeply frustrated about that because I could not help in the kitchen to at least cut some food to prepare for cooking or maybe go at the back of the house and sit there, or maybe join my parents when they watch TV.

My feet joints just deteriorated over the years, first the left one and then the right one and now my left hand feels like it is going the same route as my feet. I don't want to lose the function of my hands, they are one of my bread and butter, I use them to type my pondering and ramblings into the #steem blockchain. Plus I use my left hand to wash my tush, it'll be so hard if I lose the function of it.

It is understandable because even though I am medicated with my Parathyroid medicine "Cinacalcet" my Parathyroid hormone is still up a few times over which means that my bones are still leaching out calcium but to what extent now I do not know until I would get to have my parathyroid hormone test done again (PTH test) which I will try if I can get it done at the end of the month.

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But ever since I was taking Cincalcet twice a day my pain improved like in my rib pain and back, the pain just had gottenreduced. It is a good sign and I hope that with my careful dieting and Phosphorus control through the use of my Phosphate binder (Renvela) ( I hope somebody here sends me these two meds that I use) I might be able to put my Parathyroid hormone level down.

But the compromise is the cost of the therapy, they are not cheap medicines, Cinacalcet alone just saps my daily income like a vampire not to mention Renvela plus my other supplements as well and sometimes foods that I crave for.


That is only the cost factor, then I get to experience nausea and appetiteloss which I am enduring for about three years now or so. It does suck to live this way, you are getting a big hole in your pocket while you are not really being completely healed plus you have to suffer side-effects which I am really lamenting about night and day.

I will not be so surprised one day my liver will not be able to handle these medicines. At some point it would conk-out until I get to achieve what I wanted which is the Parathyroidectomy that will finally free me from ever taking this terrible and expensive drug, even thinking about it makes me feel nauseous. May God help me.


I Just Want To Get Freed From These Kind Of Bondage That I Am Stuck Into For So Many Years


I pray that you are released from the bondage of medical expenses and especially pain. I'm so saddened to hear you can't walk now. I would send you those medications if only I could. I'd send you narcotics if I could. I wish you could get those. I'm so angry for my son who suffers terribly from pain, and hasn't been able to walk for five years now. It's not fair that a medicine that actually treats pain beautifully is now unavailable because of possible addictive qualities. Pain patients are now treated like criminals in the US. Give my regards to your parents. I know what they are going through and how much they love you.

I hope that I could pass through all these @owasco but still it will take time and time is a luxury that I do not have because I feel like a candle getting consumed day by day.
The root cause of my pains should be the factor that must be addressed and not the pain itself. The Cincalcet actually is the medicine alternative for Parathyroidectomy but as I have said it really is giving me so much sorrow still and I want to get away from it as soon as possible :/

Thank you for all your support, I just needed prayers. :)

I agree the root cause must also be addressed, but untreated pain causes many other problems that can lead to new problems. In your case for instance, not being able to walk could result in worsening atrophy and digestive issues, which you already have enough of, and are the issues my son is dealing with now, issues he did not have before the pain began. Narcotics don't tax your liver as much as the alternatives.
Anyway, I am praying for improvement in your health and finances. At least steem is up a bit.

I just thank God that at least there are some improvement that I feel and grateful that at least I am able to patch up my needs solely through this steeming which I really enjoy too.

Yes this place is a great resource and coping tool. I'm glad you've found it. I try to get my son to do it, but so far I have had no luck there. He's a bit stubborn!

Best regards to your Son @owasco, I hope he writes here and express his thoughts, he might enjoy writing as I do.

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Always praying for you my friend.