Turning 39! One more year with the thirties!

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Yep! Today officially marks the last year in my thirties. Had to put on my color pop earrings and outfit to help me feel vibrant! It doesn’t seem as if I’m close to 40 because I honestly still feel like I’m 25. I do feel the changes physically but I am so full of life and adventure that sometimes I forget I’m heading toward those golden years. My children help me feel young because keeping up with them I have to “stay young”. There are so many goals I still want to reach before I really start feeling like I need to slow down.

I remember when I was a pre-teen and thought people in their thirties were so old lol! Man was I wrong. They were just hitting their prime and getting life on the roll. In my thirties I have learned so much and have gained a whole other level of knowledge based on experiences and the people I keep company with. Life lessons never stop anyway...if you’re breathing you’re learning.

When living in times like these it really makes you more of a deep thinker (at least me anyways) and helps you not take life for granted. I honestly don’t look forward to turning older every year but I sure am thankful to witness another one. Being able to be here with my loved ones, watching my children grow up and become individuals is quite exhilarating. My husband and I are growing closer even after 13 years of marriage. I really can’t complain but only count my blessings. On top of that I was just told today by @derangedvisions that 40 is the new 20! So what do I have to lose turning 40? 😂


You don’t mind if I reminisce a little do you? It is my birthday! 😝


Here’s my mom with my brother, sister and I. I am the youngest, we were born two years apart from each other. My mother was a stay at home mom but we didn’t homeschool. We went to public school because back then the knowledge and resources to homeschool wasn’t readily available for her. She always tells me if she only knew she would have definitely schooled us all.

I appreciate my upbringing and the experiences I had in public school. It definitely shaped who I am today and had a big part in why I chose to homeschool my children. It was really nice coming home to homemade treats and soap operas lol. It was also nice being able to be seen off to the bus and greeted when I got home by her. My friends used to call us home babies because her and my dad spoiled us. We didn’t even know what eating out was because we ALWAYS had home cooked meals. Going to McDonalds (back then because now I puke) was like a vacation! 😅


Okay, no big noggin jokes. 😏 This is a pic I took while at the mall. My mom told me that on this day I tried to escape on the escalator and get away. I’m very surprised I wasn’t scared of that thing. She said my brother ran after me as I waved to him goodbye. 😂 Yep, that sounds like me. At this age people used to think I didn’t have any hair because she kept it in a back ponytail. So glad my hair finally grew more. 🤪


I was probably about ten in this pic, I was always smiling. That was my favorite outfit and pair of shoes by the way. My siblings on the other hand were at the age they were tired of moms’ every moment photos. My sis was such a popular teen in school and I LOVED aggravating her around her friends. When I used to catch her on the phone past curfew, I blackmailed her and she had to take me to the movies with her! Oh boy those were the days. Then of course she made me pay afterwards for doing it. She used to sock me and my brother in the arm and I still have bruises to prove it. 🥴🤕😄 She had our backs though and she still does today.

My brother grew very over protective of me and made sure I stayed out of trouble. He used to get so mad at me when I didn’t listen. One day I told him,

You’re not the boss of me! 😌

He said,

Fine, don’t come running when you need help!

Till today he is still protective of me and looks out for me. We are actually closer than ever and I am thankful for that. We can all call on each other and confide in one another and I hope that never changes.


Well, it’s been fun and I’m glad I got to spend a little of my birthday and childhood memories with you Hive family! Enjoy the rest of your day/evening! ♥️


Happy Birthday, young lady Ohh to be in my thirties again with what I know now :)

Thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday! It was such a good day :)

Oh I bet that would be something to see if you could go back with all of your new found knowledge and wisdom.

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Thanks for letting me know I must check it out when I get time been so busy with moving
But sounds interesting

No problem 👌🏽


Happy, happy birthday!!!!! 30s, 40s... they are just numbers but the body will tell you differently :) Have a great celebration there @crosheille <3
You and your brothers do look alike!

Thank you for my happy birthday wish!! Lol, oh yes the body does tell us differently.

Haha people still tell me that my brother and I look alike. 😄

Happy Birthday my dear friend! 🎁🎂🎉🍾🍹
Looks like you had a happy childhood and a loving family. I'm so glad to hear that as nowadays so many people have a heavy, ugly baggage from the past.

On top of that I was just told today by @derangedvisions that 40 is the new 20!

This statement made me smile. I remember my parents always saying that people who died at their age were not old. As we grow older the look at things in a different way and the age groups have a new meaning for us.

You're a wonderful person, I have a huge respect for you as a person and for what you do in the community and on the Blockchain. Don't change, keep being awesome! ♥️ Happy Birthday again 💐

Thank you so much sweet friend! Yes, we had our rough times but overall I can honestly say I did have a happy childhood :)

As we grow older the look at things in a different way and the age groups have a new meaning for us.

Love this statement that your parents told you! It is very true.

Wow thank you for such a sweet and encouraging comment. That really means a lot to me. I really want to see people do well here and communities thrive so I am happy to give my time and effort to help make that happen. Thank you so very much, you just made my day even more special ~ 😘♥️🥳

Don't change, just be yourself and try to be here with us. 🤗♥️

I won't change, thank you ~ 😉

Will definitely try to be around more! ♥️

Forty is great - you'll enjoy it when you get there :) But then, every age is great and brings its own rewards. Happy birthday 😘

Thanks for that encouragement! I hope I do enjoy it!

Thanks so much for wishing me a happy birthday! ♥️😘

Happy birthday, beautiful woman! You have very fond memories of your siblings. I'm 15 years older than my only sister so I don't have those aggravating-each-other-around-friends moments.

Enjoy your day! And yeah, 40 is awesome. I look forward to welcoming you to the club next year. I just joined a few months ago. Haha.

Thank you so much! I really love reminiscing on old times :)

Oh cool, Happy Belated Birthday! I’ll be joining you soon then. 😄

Girl You look fabulous. You are great. Have fun, enjoy it. Happy-b.

Thank you so much ~ 😘

Happy birthday, six days later :)

And thanks for your story.

Good luck!

Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment! 😀

Happy Belated Birthday!! None of us ever believe we are the age we are - at least most of my family and friends and myself feel that way! We all think of ourselves as at least 10 years younger! I'm the same as you, I look back at old photos of myself as a girl and remember which ones were my favorites and of course I can even remember which outfits I made myself!

Thank you @violetmed! It’s nice hearing from you! 😃

Oh yes, it’s so true! I know several people who feel that way too. It’s always nice to look back and reminisce.

Thanks so much for stopping by ~

Ah I missed this, not been spending too much time on here the last few months. Hope you had a great day and yes the 40's are great, sending you love @crosheille xxxxx

Heya @trucklife-family!! It is soooo good hearing from you! How sweet of you to stop by - thank you so much for the birthday tip!! You are so thoughtful.

I’ve missed seeing you around. I really hope you and your kiddos are safe and well. Sending love and hugs your way ~ ❤️❤️❤️