Near Death Experience!

in #life2 months ago

Hey everyone, I always try and look at the bright side of life, albeit at times a little tough, but today I got it right. I was off to see my gorgeous child Jesse yesterday as a massive thunderstorm approached, I know that riding a motorbike in bad weather is a bad idea yet (silly me) did so anyways, such is my love and committment to my child.

As I left home a massive wind picked up 1 km from home on a dust road, I hear this massive CRACK and down a huge branch (widowmaker) fell literally infront of my eyes! It missed me by a mere second or less, I had to break evasively and at the end of my momentum I hit the tree, with a mere scratch on my bikes windshield, MIRACLE!

Days like these make me realize I am loved and my time to go is simply not now. My life has purpose and for that I am truly grateful.


I took this short video just after this scary incident!

I trust you have an amazing Tuesday!

Love and light.

Be blessed.


Good to hear you're ok my friend 🤝 stay safe out there

Thanks a mil bruv ... Cheer$;)

No problems bro 😎👊🏾