Compensation Concept for Companies

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CO2Fund might be a worthwhile concept for companies to compensate their CO2 footprint.

The CO2 compensation for companies is based on two components:

  1. Depending on the size of the company, there is a minimum compensation amount that is usually invested monthly in the CO2Fund and used for compensation projects through the acquisition of CO2Coins (symbol on the DEX Steem-Engine: COCO).

  2. 20 to 100% of the compensation amount is additionally acquired by the company as an own investment and is transferred to the "escrow account" @co2com on the blockchain. With each payment of the CO2Fund to compensation projects, 20% of the CO2Coins acquired by the company are released from the "escrow account", which can then be sold or retained by the company.

Kostenverlauf EN.png

The purpose of this concept is

  • to make the commitment cost-effective or even a worthwhile investment through the increase in value of the CO2Coins held by the company and thus
  • to provide an incentive for a higher compensation contribution as well as
  • to win further long-term oriented investors for the CO2Coin COCO.

Win-Win Situation

❗️The performance of the own investment may exceed the total costs which means a profit despite compensation costs.

Effektive Kosten EN.png

Visibility and Connection to

The projects off-blockchain website will provide a list of companies that are engaged in compensating with CO2Fund and COCO.

Each company will get it's own web page reachable via QR-Code on a personalized banner to which it can refer to customers. See an example above.

Information about the CO2Fund you can read in the projects white paper.


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