CO2Fund now a Section of Simplex World Society

in life •  9 months ago  (edited)

SWS 2zu3 50.jpeg

CO2Fund is now a section of the Swiss association Simplex World Society

The admission into the association is a formal requirement to easily buy COCOs and use COCOs transferred to @co2fund for the intended purpose.

Like CO2Fund, Simplex World Society is home on Steem.
It’s posts take place under the Steem name @simplex-world. A website with information about the association is

CO2 Compensation Coins (Symbol COCO) transferred to @co2fund are considered to be a donation to Simplex World Society and will be fully used for CO2 compensation projects.

Information concerning the CO2Fund project will continue to be posted in CO2Fund's blog @co2fund.

Further information
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