CO2Fund Project - Progress Update

in life •  10 months ago  (edited)

The project is still on the right track.

Currently an important part I’m working on is founding an association. This is necessary to be able to book the CO2Coins (COCO) for our CO2 compensation projects in a convenient way as membership fees. Further details later here in this blog…

So in the future all steemians and companies who could get involved by donating COCOs to @co2fund will become a temporary member of the new association.
It will still need a few days to set up the applicable and correct statutes of the association with regard to our crypto/real world-application.

Thank you for supporting CO2Fund now and in the future.

Further information
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Thank you for this update! Please, where can I read more about your roadmap with this project with so much potential?

Thank you for your comment. I enclosed the Further Information part to the post. The compact Step by Step part of the White Paper post is not really a road map but gives an idea about the road. Best is to follow the Progress Update posts which outline the next steps and near future.

for @co2fund

Hey @co2fund, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!