Fridays for COCO - Value Post

in life •  11 months ago  (edited)

Current number of COCO transferred to co2fund: 15,357.0035 COCO

List of Private Activists so far


‼️Twitter: CO2Fund on Twitter has no followers so far - maybe you can help to change that... So if you are on Twitter maybe you like to retweet CO2Funds tweets. CO2Funds account on twitter is: fundco2. Thank you.

COCO is covered by the value of @co2admin and @co2fund

  • co2admin on steem: 15.76 US$
  • co2admin on steem-engine: 0.01 US$
  • co2fund on steem: 0.33 US$
  • co2fund on steem-engine: 0.07 US$

Upvotes @co2fund receives for this post will increase the coverage of the CO2 Compensation Coin (Symbol: COCO)

⇒ more HODL of COCO by our Activists (Compensators)
⇒ a higher value of COCO
⇒ every upvote supports CO2 compensation projects too 👍🏼

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